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What is Google Assassin All About?

Updated on June 2, 2009

Affiliate marketing products come out all the time, so it may be hard for any marketer, whether new or more advanced, to know if a product will help them and is worth buying. There was a lot of attention surrounding Google Assassin’s launch, so you may be wondering, what is it all about?

What is Google Assassin?

Google Assassin was created by Chris X (Chris McNeeny), who is also the creator of other popular products such as Day Job Killer and Adwords Miracle. Put simply, it is mainly a $77 monthly membership site with several affiliate tools included. These tools are:

The Daddy Keyword Tool

With this tool, you can ‘spy’ on your competition to find out keywords they’re using. You enter your main keyword and this tool will extract a list of keywords that related competing websites are using. For each of those keywords, it gives you an estimated monthly search volume and the amount of paid competition.

The Campaign Kidnap Tool

This tool is mainly for those who use Adwords in their campaigns. It allows you to look at the current running Adwords campaigns and shows you what keywords they’re targeting.

The Adwords Micro Niche Finder

Similar to the tool above, it will allow you to target the keywords from websites using Adwords, rather than the paid ads.

The Article Sniper Tool

If you’re an article marketer, this tool allows you to find underused keywords that you can use to start a campaign around. The tool gives you information such as estimated search volume, page rank for the first ten matches in Google, and an SEO score.

Who Is Google Assassin For?

Google Assassin is geared both towards people who need help figuring out what to promote, and to more advanced marketers who would like to ‘automate’ more of the process of setting up campaigns.

If you’re looking for tools to find keywords for either Adwords campaigns or article marketing, then you may find this product worth looking into. However, because of the high cost of the membership, it is up to you to decide if the tools offered are worth the price.


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