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Accredited online colleges – Programs and degrees that will benefit you

Updated on January 22, 2012

Going to school online is not a new thing anymore. With traditional colleges and universities out of reach for some, accredited online programs seem to be the best way to get an education and make a good living. There are lots of programs offered online, which one to choose is the question. Some fields have very high demands and good potential for income. Here is a list of the best online programs to choose from for those with high school diploma to advanced degrees.

Accredited online MBA programs – This degree is perfect for individuals that have reached the top with their current bachelor degree. A lot of companies require an advanced degree for you to reach management positions. Those that wish to climb the corporate ladder further should check out their regionally accredited online MBA programs. The benefit of online classes is you don't have to take time away from work. Some online programs offer weekend studies as well. Time is essence for many, it is a very good idea to check out accelerated online MBA programs to cut down on time. Many companies like to hire someone within a reasonable time; when you get the MBA through accelerated online MBA programs and already have lots of experience in the company, the management job is essentially yours. Accredited online MBA programs are highly recommended for those that wish to reach management positions.

Nursing – It is not a surprise that nursing is a very hot career. Most RN or BSN or MSN have no trouble finding a job and making good money right out of school. If you want to make even more money and have the extra energy, you can even get extra shifts. Hospitals are seriously short of registered nurses (RN) and are willing to pay very good money for new hires. Nationally accredited online nursing schools are definitely worth the money because you won't have to worry about finding a job. However, nursing cannot be pursued just online. Some hands-on courses would have to be done in a hospital. On the bright side, with nursing as a profession, you won't have to worry about not finding employment. Even for those that already work as a nurse and have a BSN, you can look for BSN to MSN nursing programs online. With a MSN, you will be working more for administration in the hospital not to mention a pay increase as well.

Accounting – With an accounting degree, you are qualified for a variety of jobs. This degree is easily done online because there are no need for laboratory works like most science degrees. You will be able to work as an accountant, in financial facilities and other segments in business. However, you do have to keep in mind that this degree is more suitable for someone that is decent in math. Finding a job is relatively easy once you obtained a few licenses in the field or after a few years of work experience.

Psychology – Psychology degree is especially beneficial for those that speak more than English. Those that can give counseling in Spanish, Armenian and other languages are sought after in Los Angeles area. In areas where there are a very high diversity, it is almost essential to be able to give counseling in more than just English. Those that can only speak English is at a disadvantage. However, online degrees for psychology would take longer than four years because most places require a Master's degree to be a counselor.


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