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Actuary Gifts

Updated on September 15, 2011

2011 Best Actuary or Actuaries Gift Ideas

An actuary deals with the financial impact of risk and/or uncertainity. The big question is can they deal with GIFTS FOR THE ACTUARY?We can provide a wide range of gift ideas for the favorite acutary in your life. Actuary specific gift ideas from Zazzle, CafePress, MnLakeWear, and Amazon. We hope you enjoy the gift ideas.

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An Actuary Poem


She said I think I want to be an actuary.

My arthritis is kicking up and I think

numbers would be comfortable.

I hear they do not sting.

I think I want to be an actuary.

Possibly to rinse the rainlight

out of where the sun would be.

I'm tired she said of shining windshields

and I'm tired of so much peace.

I think I'd like to measure premiums.

I think I'd like to have control for once instead of driving down

the gray-toned ribbon of a moebius strip

and ending up where I began.

I'd rather have a clear route to arrive at someplace different

even if just to say I'd made it up and made it

happen and could close the matter perfectly.

sheila e. murphy

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