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Cover Letters For An Administrative Assistant's Resume

Updated on April 14, 2013

How Important Is A Cover Letter For A Resume?

A cover letter can be very important when applying for an Administrative Assistant Job in a competitive job market. Resumes are direct and lay out qualifications in a technical way.

In a competitive job market you will constantly be up against people with the same or even better qualifications then yours. A cover letter gives an applicant the ability to show the hiring manager why they are the best choice given their combination of skills, abilities, interests and most of all personality.

The cover letter allows you to convey your qualifications in a non-cookie cutter approach. An Administrative Assistant position is usually not all about the hard facts, the position is typically support staff for current positions. This requires someone that will fit well within the current team.

The cover letter allows an applicant to show their individuality in a professional manner and introduces yourself to prospective employers to show how you can fit in with that team. It is important to avoid pitfalls in a resume.

Administrative Assistant Job
Administrative Assistant Job

Skills To Highlight In An Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

A cover letter is only a short three paragraph letter, in a few lines of that letter you will need to catch the eye of the potential employer. You will not have room to list all your skills, target your skills described in the cover letter that would would show why you would be a strong addition to the team.

While every administrative assistant job is different many employers look for skill sets in a potential employee that include: the ability to research, maintain and create organization, communicate effectively, be positive, answer phones,write effectively, greet guests and use email; while amid of other duties.

Statements of accomplishments that show attention to details, competence, clerical skills and communication skills are also great skills to enhance on a cover letter.

To highlight your skills in a resume you must clearly demonstrate that you have the jobs skills the employer is looking for and be able to back up your statements.

Types Of Cover Letters

-The application letter which responds to a known job opening.

- The prospecting letter which inquires about possible positions.

-The networking letter which requests information and assistance in your job search.

Resume Builder - Software For Home Computer To Help Build Resumes

Resume Builder Pro
Resume Builder Pro

Resume Builder is crammed with the information you need to know, including expert guidance to help you resolve problem issues on your resume - like job hopping, lack of experience, and time gaps; organize the most effective raw material for your resume; design a layout that's strong, clean, and simple; and write a cover letter that's as strong as your resume.


Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Sample
Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Best Way To Email Cover Letters

When applying for a job via email it is important to always follow direction given by the potential employer. Save attachment files in PDF or word document, unless otherwise directed. For more information on email cover letters go to

Executive Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Executive Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Sample
Executive Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Keep it short and sweet, you have 20 seconds to catch the readers eye in a cover letter.

What To Include In A Cover Letter - Cover Letter Format

A cover letter is made up of several parts:

  1. Contact Information: The first part of a cover letter gives identifying information and shows the potential employer how to contact you.

    Such as name, full address, phone number and email address. (Contact information is usually used as the header of the letter.)

    If you are blindly responding to an internet add its okay to leave off address, just put town and zip code.

  2. Date: Instead using the date that you are writing your cover letter, date the letter the day you are sending it.
  3. Employer Contact Information: When possible write employer contact information a few spaces below personal contact information. Information should include business name, contacts name and title and full address.
  4. Salutation: Address your letter directly to who will read it as possible. Use the template " Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name". Only use Dear Hiring Manager if it is not possible to know who you are writing. Writing letters directly to the one doing the hiring is always best.
  5. First Paragraph: Tell the reader why you are writing (what position are you applying for and where did you hear of the opening) and why you want to work form them.
  6. Middle Paragraph : In a few sentences tell the potential employer how your skill sets would be valuable to their company, in the job position you are applying for. Be specific, it is better to show skill then just to say you are skilled in a particular area.
  7. Final Paragraph - Thank the reader for their consideration, let them know your resume is attached and how you are going to follow up on your resume.
  8. Closing: The normal closing for a cover letter is sincerely or a simple thank you.
  9. Signature: When sending a resume via email you will normally just have a typed signature. When sending a resume via regular mail it is important to hand sign the cover letter above your printed name.

Girl Writing A Cover Letter
Girl Writing A Cover Letter

What Not To Include In A Cover Letter

There are some things that should not be seen in a cover letter.

When writing a cover letter for an administrative assistant job it important to focus more on the company you are applying for and what you can do for them then focusing all on yourself. Think about it they are not hiring you to help you but to improve their company.

For instance it is important to limit the word I or talking about income when writing a resume cover letter.

Salary requirements should only be added when requested by the company your applying too.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Sending A Cover Letter Is Sent:

  1. Does my cover letter give a good representation of myself?
  2. Does my cover letter go over the skills that the job opening requires?
  3. Do I look professional in my letter, but still have the personal touch needed?
  4. Is my letter too long or too short.

Paper For Cover Letter And Resume

When printing out a cover letter and resume best practice suggests a applicant to use sturdy paper that is a little different from the normal white printing paper.

How To Write A Cover Letter - Video

A face to face talk about how to write a cover letter.

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      diprasen 4 years ago

      Very descriptive and informative lens Amy, love this Squid.

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      Very good and concise advice for those doing cover letter for and administrative assistant....others may have better skills but a little extra attention to the cover letter can make you stand out for sure!

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      Great examples, and I liked the video : )

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      Great Refresher!

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      all job seekers know the importance of a well-organized resume, many don't understand the power of a strong cover letter. If you want to get hired by your dream company, you will surely do everything in your power to get noticed and make the best impression. Cover Letter is a a key opportunity to sell your skills.

      Thanks for sharing post as I found it is very informative. here you will get the samples of administrative assistant resumes.

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      Valdacious 6 years ago

      Thank you that was very useful!

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      Great information on writing a killer cover letter. It comes at just the right time.

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