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Administrative Assistant Skills

Updated on July 14, 2013

About Administrative Assistant Skills

Administrative assistants have a huge task of generally keeping the offices in which they work organized. This calls for each of them to have certain personal qualities, impressive technical skills and amazing social and interpersonal skills, since they deal with people of all walks of life on a day to day basis.

This calls for any administrative assistant to be on the lookout for new ways to invent themselves both socially, and technically, so that they remain qualified in an ever evolving field.

Below are some of vital skills that any successful administrative assistant should have:

Technical Skills

• Good knowledge on handling office equipment and their specific functions.

This incorporates all equipment starting from the machinesthat are as basic as office coffee machines and goes all the way up to the office computer. Other than that, you must be equipped with knowledge on how to use the copiers, printers, fax mchines, telephones, scanners, shredders, water dispensers,and binders.

• Good master of softwares used in the company employed
You need to find out the softwares used at the company. Once you have identified the softwares used, you need to create time to master them since you may at some point be forced to use at least one of them. Not knowing how to use them will hve a bad reflection on you, not only as an employee but most importantly the administrative assistant.

• A good understanding of office programmes
It is impossible to be an administrative assistant without having to use one or more office suite programs. These include programs such as spreadsheets, word processors and database programs.

• Knowledge on the internet
It is key to know how to use and manipulate sites on the internet. This will enable you to do some research online, as well as enable you to use important features on the internet such as the email.

• An interest in learning technology
As time passes, new technology gets developed. Some of the technology that you may have used in the previous years my get outdated, hence learning new technology allows you to adapt to change as it happens.

Social and personal skills

• Time
You need to be a good keeper of time .This is because it is an administrative assistant duty to assist everyone else, so you need to finish tasks in a timely fashion such that you can be at a position to assist everyone else when the need arises.

• Organizational skills
You need to have impecable organizational skills such that you can multi-task the numerous responsibilities that you have as well as being at a position to organize your boss’s schedule and calender.

• Good relations
Since administrative assistants get to bump with almost everyone at the office; from the lowest ranking to the highest ranking ones, it is important to understand how to relate with all of them. This prevents you from making enemies that you cannot avoid at the office especially because you need all the help that you can get from everyone at the working place.
Finding a way to incorporate these few tips into your life as an administrative assistant will take you a long way in making your career a suceess.


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