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How to Start an Adult Novelty Party Business

Updated on April 24, 2017

Adult Novelty home parties have become quit a successful venture for many woman across the country.

Allowing women to remain at home while making a full time income doing a parties in the evenings and weekends.

Keeping a balance of fun and professionalism is important in order to be a success at Adult Only Parties.

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The Steps To Get Started

Step 1
Find a company to work with. There are many companies available that have party plans in place for you. There are also suppliers that simply supply you with the products at a wholesale cost and you do all of your own printing, pricing and promoting.

Step 2
Book parties. As challenging as this can seem at first when the word gets around that you are selling adult novelties you will have ladies calling you for bookings quite often. Most distributors start with a party at their home and refer to it as a kick off party or open house to share their new business with friends and family.

Step 3
Conduct the demonstration at the booked party. The demonstration involves letting the guests see what each item does. You will explain what the item does show the item and pass it around for the guests to touch, smell or taste.

Step 4
Collect the orders and money. Remember to calculate the totals and reward the hostess with her gifts. Order the product from your company and collect the profit. Different companies work differently when it comes to payment and inventory. Some allow you to keep your profits directly form the party only requiring the cost of ht product while others demand full payment and cut you a check for your commission.

Step 5
Book more parties and repeat.


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