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Advantages of Adopting Ideas from other Areas into yours

Updated on December 26, 2013


From consumer to producer

Art to some extent is the way that the artistes tell a story or express their thought and ideas in a unique language that is understood by themselves and their target audience.

One can be very successful in his or her area or art if you have been a consumer or fan before or if you have been a fan of what you want to produce before. This helps you to really know and understand your target market. You have been in their shoes before, so you can always understand what they need and produce to suit their desires.

Movie producers as opposed to writers

For instance movie producers watch movies a lot. In fact that is how most movie makers start off. The best movie producers or movie makers start off as ardent movie fans and eventually end up wanting to tell stories or make movies in their own way or which they feel would have been told better. Being natural ardent movie fans themselves, they are able to draw ideas and inspiration from other works that they can fuse into their own work or retell the story in their own style and taste which their target viewers would appreciate more.

Successful writers

It’s the same way with writers who start off as people who naturally love reading. Most successful writers are ardent readers themselves. They are mostly successful in their work because even when they have become writers, they never stop reading. They still continue to read and absorb interesting ideas from other sources to support their own.

This is not so different from a movie producer picking ideas from other movies to create their own unique concepts such as combining sci-fi, adventure, action or even sometimes scenes and ideas from other movies.

Advantages learning from other source

Restricting yourself to only your work can make your writing boring. Learning about people's work helps to absorb other ideas into your own from other sources. You must understand that people are made up of several selves. People have several interests. If you can absorb other ideas and skillfully or intricately blend them into your own, your audience wouldn't want to be any where else. You help them to find all that they want at one place. . Since your audience have different interesting individually merging other ideas into your own can help them to you gain much readership for your articles, because each category of readers have with different interesting can relate to the articles based on the variety of examples mentioned in the content that connects more to their individually interests.

Interesting articles those appeals to different categories of readers.

As a skillful artiste that can blend concepts from different angles to create something new and exciting for their audience, the people having various interests can appreciate your work because they can connect to it and understand better from different angles of view. They get to make their work appeal to people of different selves and background knowledge or interests as you. Each group of audience can relate to the movie or piece of writing by relying on the specific or familiar examples within particular context.

Improving your writing skills

*As a writer, when you read from different sources, it automatically reflects in your content (ideas and patterns of writing) to make your content interesting to people with different background knowledge. Continuing to read works from other authors can also help you in improving your work of writing. You learn new ways of and patterns of expressing our ideas and this helps to improving your writing skills.

Editing becomes easier

Adopting ideas from other sources and merging them into your drafts makes editing of your content easier because reading becomes exciting and easy for the writer himself. Usually it becomes boring to develop old drafts. This is because you may have lost the inspiration that came with the words to the particular draft. Once the inspiration that motivated you to write those words is not there at that moment, it becomes a bit boring for you to go over and develop the old drafts. By absorbing ideas from other areas or concepts into your own you get to make your own article seem important and fun to work with. It always helps you to regain the interest in the content hence take away the bordomness that always sets in when you have to develop old drafts. Editing your content and developing your ideas or article becomes easier because you are able to compare your own ideas to other facts and ideas. This will help to confirm your own thoughts and help you to come up with very good arguments in your content or to support your assertions.

Gaining confidence to publish.

* It’s good to always learn ideas from other peoples work as an artiste. It will not only help you to improve upon your skills but also, it will help you to know how unique yours is as opposed to others. Knowing the uniqueness of your content gives you enough confidence to publish your works. Also learning from other works of arts, not specifically related to your genre but different areas of the art industry, you will be able to know how you can improve upon your own. You will also get to know and cite appropriate examples as reference to support your assertions or argument. This not only gives you enough confidence to publish your articles but also adds to your credibility as a writer who has well researched on his or her topic.

Advice to writers

You must be a bit cautious when adopting ideas from other sources. Especially when you are adopting ideas from a similar art, you should be cautious that you do not plagiarize other people’s contents by copying exactly what others have done as your own. For instance if you are adopting ideas or you what to cite an example from another written material, you should be able to indicate where you picked the idea from as a reference in order to avoid facing any copyright charges. Or you can simply blend other ideas into yours by citing those examples in your own style and vocabulary.

Please feel free to give your comment and suggestions below. You can also contact me if you want to write articles for your blogs, website or for any proof reading service. Contact me for also advice and tutorials on SEO or how you can upgrade your website in order to gain more traffic.


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