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advantages of human resources planning

Updated on August 11, 2009

human resources planning

Human resources planning anticipate not only the required kind and number of employees but also determine the action plan for all functions of personnel management. The major payoffs of human resources planning may be catalogued in the following way.


a)      Human resource planning is  necessary  of  all organization .The cooperate pal of the organization  regarding expansion, diversification, technological change, should be backed up by the availability of human resources. It suggests modification in the plan when the expected manpower is not available.


b)      It offsets uncertainty and change. Sometime the organization  may have machines and money but not men and consequently the production cannot be started. It offsets such uncertainly and changes to the maximum possible and enables the society to have right men at right time and in the right place.


c)      It provides scope for advancement and development of employees through training, development etc.


d)      It helps to satisfy the individual needs of the employees for the promotions transfers, salary enhancement, better benefits etc.


e)      It helps in anticipating the cost of salary, benefits and all the cost of human resources facilitating the formulation of budgets in a society.


f)        It helps to foresee the need for redundancy and plans to check of human resources and to change the techniques of management.


g)      It helps in planning for physical facilities, working conditions, the volume of fringe benefits like canteen, schools, hospitals, conveyance, child care centers, quarters, company stores etc.


h)      It causes the development of various sources of human resources to meet the organizational needs.


i)        It helps to take steps to improve human resource contributions in the form of increased productivity, sales, turnover etc.


j)        It facilitates the control of all functions, operations, contribution and cost of human resources.



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    • profile image

      mokhesi 4 years ago

      thank you very much that I got information that I have been in need of

    • profile image

      Rupesh 5 years ago

      Very Very Nice description!

    • profile image

      kenyanya geofrey. 5 years ago

      It has really assisted me.

    • profile image

      SHEETAL 5 years ago


    • profile image

      anu 6 years ago

      thank you so helped me

    • profile image

      oliver faustin 6 years ago

      simple and very brilliant. I lvd it.

    • profile image

      Anshuman Yuvraj 6 years ago

      informative ..... thanks

    • profile image

      Ahmed Faiz Rasheed 6 years ago

      Very easy to understand!!a good stuff.

    • profile image

      Joseph Oreta 6 years ago

      Well done

    • profile image

      Annah Moses 6 years ago

      good stuff..very understandable.i like!

    • profile image

      janet ketlogetswe 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Tshenolo Lilian Obenah Ben 6 years ago

      that's great indeed...educative!

    • profile image

      curz 6 years ago

      cool staff

    • profile image

      shy 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Egbe Tosin Vera 6 years ago

      Nice simplified

    • profile image 7 years ago

      Hi! great article... for HR planning I would also suggest adding software/system tools to help you out become much more efficient. I would suggest looking into an HR self-service portal.

    • profile image

      anj_007 7 years ago

      yeah it was very informative and interesting


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