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Multiple Ways to advertise your Home Based Business Online

Updated on May 7, 2013
Advertising your Home Business is a Key to Success!
Advertising your Home Business is a Key to Success!

Small home business owners normally have a hard enough time figuring overhead stuff out like taxes and fuel costs and now we add another large hassle to their list, online advertising. Online advertising is a lot like real life print advertising but with its own strengths and weaknesses. There is an online option of advertising for any small home business, but it’s somewhat restricted to what type of business you own. Is your small business website only? Dispatch only? Walk-in only? Each of these affects what online options are open to you. Also a large factor is do you expect this entire online spotlight to be free or will you budget money into it? That’s up to you after reading some of the ways of online advertising you can do.


Website is the major key to advertising a home business or any business online. This website will be the front of your business; the place people go to learn more about your business. Websites come in many different shapes, sizes, and languages and that’s all up to you.  Websites really are essential in giving your business online “real estate”. Your site will most likely contain your contact info, gallery of wares, sometimes pricing, and could even be used to sell things to customers who can’t make it to your store, depending on what type of business it is. Even if your business is just a local service or sales, having a site will be beneficial.

Easy solution: Use Hostgator to build your businesses website. Hostgator is recommended personally by me because it is reliable and a great starting host for your business. It costs less than many other hosting sites.

Cost: Basic plans start at $4.95 a month

Facebook is the largest social networking site on the planet. Would be a shame to not utilize that!
Facebook is the largest social networking site on the planet. Would be a shame to not utilize that!

Social Networking

Social Networking is on fire for advertising. On a social network you can create a profile for your business and give a fan page/ group to keep customers and yourself in contact. Millions use sites like Facebook and Myspace everyday and there you can even have locals find your business! Facebook and other independent website owners go into detail about advertising on sites like this and give you all the tools needed.


Having a blog for your business is great. It allows customers to follow your posts and be automatically updated (if they subscribe) to every new post you make. The posts could advertise special deals or new products you have in stock. Having your own blog is hard, so a less free option would be finding other popular blogs with the same time niche as your business and pay them to advertise in a blog post for you, for a fee of course but this way they use the subscribers they already have without you needed to find your own.

There are many Blog sites to choose from!
There are many Blog sites to choose from!


All businesses are on twitter so people can follow them for short updates on new products or any news they need to know. It’s pretty straightforward, just create and account with your business name and start twitting, although without promoting your business being on twitter, you might not have any followers.


Large companies use e-mail companies to email flyers to customers directly. All you need to do is pay one of these companies and they will use their database of millions of e-mail addresses and send all of them the newsletter you created for your business. Again, straightforward and differentiates depending on which e-mail company you use.

Easy Uploading a Video Guide


Yes, I said video. Lights camera success! Youtube and other free video upload sites are perfect for making your own commercials to put on your website. There are millions of ways you can do this, and most are cheap and easy. Watch tv for a few hours to get ideas of what commercials got stuck in your head and then use that idea to make your own, mostly comedy works best. The price to do this ranges from nothing to $2000 or less depending on how far you take it and what equipment you need to buy.

Items to check out!

Local Online Advertising For Dummies
Local Online Advertising For Dummies

This book is recommended for small home businesses that are walk in or service type businesses. (Not online retail sales.)Easy to follow and should really help boost your business!


Hopefully these suggestions have helped you in your quest for customers. All will help to a degree and all can be looked in further. This is just a general idea of how to promote your small home business, not your home business website. All of these will work if done right, and the best thing to do is a combination of all of these.  If this helped you please give it a thumbs up and click here to check out some of my other articles!

New to Hubpages? Want to make money online (not promoting your small business)? If you know English and can type try your hand here and (Click to) Sign Up!


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    • AuthorFBradshaw profile image

      AuthorFBradshaw 7 years ago from Anywhere my mind wanders to...

      Great advise. I also go on to blog sites yahoo answers to find people; who are asking questions pertaining to the business/s I has served as a great help with potential customers and leads.

    • profile image

      iklan baris 7 years ago

      I'd like to ask you regarding business online : what should we do to gain trust from future customer? Since there's so many fraud on business online. Thank you

    • FindYourSearch profile image

      FindYourSearch 7 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      This is a nice listing of options for businesses of any size. Just remember when engaging in social networking, it's important to understand your target market and engage with them accordingly.

    • profile image

      Derricks 4 years ago

      Very good post I also go on to blog sites yahoo answers to find people; who are asking questions pertaining to the business/s I has served as a great help with potential customers and leads,thanks.

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