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Successful Advertising - Promoting Products & Services

Updated on July 2, 2018

Advertising Methods For Your Business

If you operate a business, you do need to advertise in order to make sales. Where advertising is concerned there are two options available for you. They are offline advertising and online advertising. Advertising offline has a slight advantage over Internet advertising.

Whether your business is conducted on the Internet or if you are selling goods and services offline, without advertising you simply cannot stay afloat.

When talking of a new product which needs to be marketed internationally, offline advertising has the capacity to reach the entire population of this planet.

Offline advertising typically involves radio, TV, and of course the newspaper. In addition to these three methods, billboard advertising is also a very powerful method.

A billboard advertisement placed at strategic points in all the main cities of the world in languages typical of the location will attract attention very fast and the image of the product will be in the minds of billions before the second part of the advertising attack commences.

The most successful of all businessmen are those who have a proper understanding of advertising. You need to advertise, and most importantly you need to know how when and where.

In the very initial stages getting to understand the various advertising methods would be fully worth it. Understanding is the key. Be it advertising offline or advertising online, if you have the know how you can leap to great heights.

Internet Advertising - Online Marketing
Internet Advertising - Online Marketing

Internet Advertising

Advertising online has its advantages too. The Internet has right now nearly two billion participants and reaching a good percentage of them is possible only via online marketing.

The advantages here are tremendous when you consider the fact that targeted advertising is more enabled on the Internet.

Those who browse the Internet actually select what they want to view. In order to do so, they need to launch a website that matches their interest.

Typically such websites are very likely to contain advertisements of products and services that match the interest of the viewer.

Successful Advertising

Methods Of Advertising Online

Online is a great place to be if your interest in advertising your products and services is such that the need to constantly be in touch with your advertising campaigns is a requirement.

This requirement could occur if you are monitoring these advertisements and have a system by means of which you are able to measure the results fast.

To you, the results will be an indicator of whether the message conveyed by your advertisement needs to be constantly in a variable mode such that any changes if required could be instantly applied.

This is possible because every single advertisement of yours will be placed on some website by your advertising agent. Having a list of these sites is all you need since you could access each of them with just one click!

The exception to this is of course Google advertising. In this case, Google advertisements appear on several out of the millions of websites that discusses the topic that you are targeting.

If some webmaster in some part of the world has a website that discusses the topic that falls into the category of your advertisement, and if he has a Google AdSense account and if he has enabled Google advertisements to appear on this particular website, then it is likely that your advertisement will appear there too.

Since your advertisement will appear on various sites and since clicks on your advertisement will be constantly exhausting your advertising campaign, when the number of clicks you have paid for and requested is completed, you advertisement will cease to appear on Google AdSense enabled websites.

However in the other case, you have paid your advertising agent to place your advertisement on certain websites for a certain period of time and he, having access to websites that sell advertising space has duly obliged.

Your advertisement will appear only on specific websites and for a particular period of time, and alterations to your advertisements and re-phrasings if required could be arranged within that period of time.

Online Marketing

On the other hand, online advertising can more often only target those who have access to the Internet.

However, the mechanism involved in Internet advertising is such that advertisements, especially the ones that are handled by Google, are targeted and are viewed only by those who have interest in a topic that has connection with the product advertised.

The main reason is that Internet surfers go to web sites only associated with their specific interests.

Whether the interest of the viewer is temporary or otherwise the web page associated with the topic concerned will only display advertisements that have some relationship to that particular topic.

One of the main forms of effective advertising on the Internet is called pay per click. Here the advertising company undertakes to forward the advertiser's message to viewers for a fee which is based on the number of views.

Pay per click is by far the most effective form of online advertising, and the main player enabling this form of advertising is of course the Internet giant known as GOOGLE.

The number of viewers of a particular advertisement can be accurately determined because the viewer has to physically click on a link which lures the viewer to the website representing the product concerned.

Advertize Your Business
Advertize Your Business

Google Adwords Advertising

Google Online Advertising

The text superimposed on the link acts as the bait, as it describes the product in brief. The viewer clicks for further information which he gets access to, when the web-page of the product is launched as a result of his action. Each click by an interested viewer is electronically recorded.

The Google ads that you see on many websites are paid for by the advertiser on a payment for each click basis.

As Google charges the advertiser on this basis, this type of advertising qualifies to get called "pay per click advertising." Statistics indicate that via pay per click, one sale is made for every hundred clicks. This makes pay per click the most effective and sought after advertising method on the Internet.

However, Google only undertakes to forward these advertisements for you by placing them on websites that are topical. Preparing the advertisement is left to you.

There is some bidding involved here which determines the amount you would need to pay for every click that registers on the link that promotes your product.

Google Online Advertising
Google Online Advertising

Pay Per Click Ads

Adwords is a system which governs pay per click advertising. You could enagage pay per click ads effectively only by properly understanding the functions of adwords. Having a proper understanding of the use adwords is about the only thing you would need to succeed online.

The other forms of online advertising include e-mail marketing, traffic exchange programs, free-for-all advertising sites, classified ad sites, banner exchanges, social sites, and of course article marketing.

Article marketing is a totally different form of online advertising, and needs be discussed at length in order to get some kind of understanding for effectively applying it to promote your business.

I hope to describe these other advertising methods in a different article pretty soon. So stay tuned!

... to be continued

Your Involvement in Advertising

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