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Free eBooks on Affiliate Marketing/Internet Marketing Available Online - Learn More for Free!

Updated on September 2, 2014

Where To Get Free E-Marketing eBooks?

I remember trying hard to find some eBooks online available for free. If you're a newbie (or an expert), you're probably craving for more info. The more you get, the better. Then from these ebooks you decide on a technique that works best for you and you work accordingly. But what do you do when all eBooks are available only for a price?

When I was a newbie (I still am actually), I wanted free info! That was hard to find. I bought some ebooks related to affiliate marketing only to be left with a feeling that I have read them somewhere before - most of the ebooks anyway! Some of the best info I got were actually found on eBooks that were free of cost -- believe it or not!

Now where do you find these free ebooks on e-marketing or Internet marketing? My aim is to help you with just that through this site - to bring you free ebooks that will help you out with your online marketing. I will be adding more free ebooks once I come across them. For now, I am pretty sure you will enjoy the collection already given here! Have fun learning!

Disclaimer : These ebooks are provided by people who are in no way related to me, nor am I trying to help them in any way. I'm only providing links to free ebooks that are available online and which are related to affiliate marketing through this page. What I'm trying to do here is to help you find more free info online. Hope you find some useful info in these ebooks and help others too by providing them the link to this page.

P.S - Most sites require you to sign up or register for free to get their valuable ebooks. I suggest you use a different email ID for them so that your main account doesn't get flooded with too many emails in the future.

Free eBook #1 - Craig's Free Report On How To Set Up A Wordpress Blog!

I have to recommend this to any newbie out there seeking info on domains and hosting. I remember being confused as hell on how to register my domain, which hosting service to use and how to set up my own wordpress blog. The free report at is the best I have come across.. and trust me, if you're confused about blogging this is the best ebook for you ever.

Free eBook #2 - Gauher's CPA Marketing eBook

If you are into CPA marketing, then the book by Gauher Chaudhary is for you! He explains everything in detail here and gives you some helpful links by the end of the page. I can't really believe he's giving away such rich source of info for free.

  • The Insider's Guide to CPA Marketing Profits - Even though it's not necessary to register to download this ebook (I see the download link present just before it says 'Read the entire story after registering'), it's better to sign up for the free lessons at They helped me a lot when I was just starting out with affiliate marketing. The free ebook is present in the 'Guruviews' section.

Apart from Gauher's free CPA book, you will also find many other free reports from experts at Affilorama.

Free eBooks #3 - A Collection of Free eBooks on Affiliate Marketing

This is a site I came across recently. You can submit your ebook on internet marketing for free here, so I can't really say anything much on the quality of these books but hey they are all free and some of the titles do look interesting! Will go through them later when I am in a reading mode.

Free eBook #4 - Free Backlinks For Life eBook

This free ebook will tell you how to get 100's of backlinks from .gov and .edu sites. I haven't tried out the method yet but I like the ebook -- it has screenshots! Anything with screenshots gets a thumbs up from me!

  • Free Backlinks for Life - You need to sign up for this too. I hope you have a separate email ID for getting these affiliate reports!

Free eBook #5 - Backlinks Round Table

I have no idea if they will take this link out soon, so I suggest you download the book before they intend to make it a paid service or something. It's an audio book actually - a lengthy one (nearly 3 hours) at that! It's free, so you don't have to worry too much about the length. It's really useful info where experts are giving you advice on getting backlinks and common mistakes we make.

  • Back Links Round Table - There are discussing a lot of topics in there, so download the free copy now before they make it a paid service. I will be removing the link from here too once it's no longer free. They are talking about platform choices, blogging, value of low PR etc. More suitable for Internet marketers who have been in the business for quite some time.

Free eBooks #6 - Free Internet Marketing Books

This link is also giving away a set of affiliate marketing books for free. Suitable more for newbies I guess, but you can download them and read to get some new ideas.


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