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Affiliate Program Is Not As Popular As Pay Per Click, But It Can Make You Rich

Updated on February 20, 2015

How Affiliate Advertising Can Make You Money During Economy Downturn

Affiliate Advertising Explained

There are many different marketing strategies to promote a product. Affiliate Advertising is one way to accomplish this. Companies will typically start an affiliate program and encourage affiliates (website owners) to join their program.

The affiliates have no risk and can earn passive income by simply posting the company's banners and text links on their website. It is a win-win situation; the company's products get more exposure and affiliates can earn passive income.

affiliate marketing tips
affiliate marketing tips

Why Newbies Don't Know About Affiliate Program?

Most webmasters or hobbyist who just started to built their first website have never heard about affiliate marketing. The first thing that they will do is putting Pay Per Click advertisement on their website, because it's easy.

However, your only get 5 cent per click. Some days you don't even get any cent.

Affiliate Program is a better way to make money with your website. You put the banners or text links on your website. If someone clicks on your banner, it will be redirected to another store. This store pays you commission for giving them referrals.

If someone purchase the product on that store, through your website you will receive at least 20% commission per sale.

This is much better than the Google Adsense, which only gives you 2 or 3 cent per click. NOW, with Affiliate program you can earn up to $100 per sale.

Google pay per click
Google pay per click

Pay Per Click is Giving You Pennies

Many new web master or website owners start with pay per click advertisement on their site, but many don't know that the big money goes to the pay per click provider, such as Google and Yahoo. You only received pennies per click and the big providers get dollars, sometimes 10 dollar per click.

Why work so hard and get litte money?

make money affiliate programs
make money affiliate programs

Did You Know That Affiliates Make Millions of Dollars In A Year?

You Can Become Successful Too

It's a fact. You may not know this. Affiliate marketing is still a new line of business, and it's still untapped. Because many new internet marketer go for Google Ad sense, they don't bother to find affiliate programs.

There are many profitable affiliate programs available, because every day there new online stores launched. These online stores need your help to make money

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing vs Online Store

  1. Sell products online without owing the product ( NO inventory risk)

  2. NO need to provide customer service

  3. NO shipping and refund hassle

  4. Especially during this economic downturn, affiliate programs is a 100% NO Risk online business.

  5. Avoid the 9 - 5 work week

Why bother opening your own online store and purchase huge inventory? Remember that you will be stocking the inventory that can not be sold, especially in bad economy. Or you just missed the trend.

make money online
make money online

Huge Marketplace At Your Reach

The internet is growing market and it's endless. Everyday, millions of NEW internet users are exploring the online shopping.

If you can reach just a tiny fraction of the world's web visitors (we are talking about billions of visitors), you may see life-changing money rolling into your affiliate account.

Amazing but it's true!

How Affiliate Marketing Works

How Affiliate marketing works
How Affiliate marketing works

Starting up an affiliate business is very easy. Here are the basic steps that you need to follow:

* Build a site, if you don't already have one.

* Sign up with a few profitable affiliate programs that are related to your site.

* Link to the affiliate programs from your site using your personal tracking links.

* Generate traffic to your site

* Make your visitors want to buy the products of the affiliate programs.

Once your visitors click on the affiliate links and purchase products from the affiliate programs, the commission goes right into your affiliate account. Some affiliate programs have 90 days cookies. That means, if your visitor doesn't buy at the first click, but comes back to the website to purchase within 90 days, you will still get the money. Isn't that great?

Don't Quite Your Job Yet

Not every affiliate business is successful. Making a lot of money is never easy, plenty of hard work is required. Persistence, ambition, maybe a certain talent. You do need to work hard at first.

But once your website is up and running with tons of traffic, you can just lay back and watch the money rolling into your affiliate account. Work on your affiliate website, besides your job

There are already people living from their affiliate businesses, and some affiliates are extremely successful.

How To Generate Traffic For Your Affiliate Website ?

Write as much as you can. Put many articles and tips related to your website topic. Google loves unique content. The more content you have, the higher ranking will be in Google. This will generate traffic to your website. Make sure you don't have duplicate content, otherwise Google will penalize your website.

Once you have written an article, you can publish it to the article directories such as:

* Ezine Articles

* Go Articles

* Article Base

* Article Alley

This will generate more traffic to your website.

How To Find The Best Affiliate Programs

Joining affiliate programs is cost-free, and you can use our site to find the programs that are best for your business. Find your target market first. For example health & beauty related products are always in demand. Even during economic downturn.

Steps to start an Affiliate Website And Make Money

First, you need to build a professional website. This is important because the more traffic a website has, the more potential money one can make by putting up advertisements.

There are two ways to make money: Google pay per click or Affiliate program. Of course, affiliate programs is more attractive because it makes more money.

Second you need to do keyword research. Find out what topics are popular and write more upselling articles about it.

Third, find the related affiliate programs

How To find the best affiliate programs

It's Free

Joining affiliate programs is cost-free, and you can use our site to find the programs that are best for your business. Find your target market first. For example health & beauty related products are always in demand. Even during economic downturn.

health affiliate program
health affiliate program

Five important criteria for good Affiliate Program

1. Product in demand

If you join an Affiliate Program that sells VCRs, you won't earn much money because no one is buying VCRs anymore! It is hard to find products that are still in high demand during this economic recession, but you can still find a hot selling product although some extra effort is needed. For example, health related products are good because they are more of a necessity. When one is feeling pain, they need to buy products that give them pain relief.

2. High commission

Pick an affiliate program that has around 20% commission. Higher the commission, the more potential income you receive.

3. Get paid frequently

You want to get your money as soon as possible. One-month turnaround is reasonable whereas a three-month turnaround is just way too long.

4. Affiliate Program that provides you marketing tools

Remember you want to earn passive income. Pick an affiliate program that provides you with the banners and text links so all that is required is to copy and paste these tools to your website.

5. High conversion rate

The ultimate determinant of a good program is whether it converts clicks to sales.

It's important to have a user-friendly and easy to navigate website. In addition,

a professional website that has beautiful pictures, secure shopping carts, and trustworthy testimonials win customers immediately. We want customers to be stimulated by the attractive banners and click straight to the website to buy.

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    • profile image

      seomarketing30days 6 years ago

      I have trying affiliate programs. It takes time at the beginning, but it really works.

    • profile image

      BigDropShip 6 years ago

      That's true! Google adsense is worthless. I got more than 20,000 visitors per month and only got $100 per month.

      With Affiliate program I can earns over $1000 per month.