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Top 8 reasons Alibaba is better than Ebay

Updated on November 16, 2014
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Ebay's Homepage
Ebay's Homepage | Source

Origins of Alibaba and Ebay


Founded by Pierre Omidyar in 1995, Ebay is an American multinational and e-commerce company its multi-billion dollar business has operations localized in many countries around the world.

The company manages, an online auction and shopping website where users buy or sell goods. Besides the auction option, the website has a "Buy It Now" shopping option. They also include a watch list for people which is very convenient. It offers electronic payment options like Paypal and credit card.

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Alibaba's Homepage
Alibaba's Homepage | Source


Alibaba is similar to Ebay except it does not have the auction function.

Founded in 1999 by Jack Ma, a former English school teacher, it became spectacular success in China and is currently the the global leader in e-commerce business. It also provides shopping search engines and electronic payment options .

Alibaba also made Ebay wind up business in China during its success due to strategic moves Jack executed.

Ebay was the giant in the e-commerce business when Alibaba had started operations so Jack actually made the website free for sellers and consumers to advertise and post for 3 years.

However Ebay charged a fee for posting and advertising on its website so many of its customers actually went over to set up online business in Alibaba. Eventually , Ebay had to settle for another country to make business.

Reasons why Alibaba Outshines Ebay

1. Alibaba offers Cheaper International Shipping than Ebay

Ebay is more directed towards making business within United States and sellers normally use USPS service when shipping from United States to Worldwide. USPS is cheap in America but get really costly when shipping worldwide especially to Asia.

Alibaba , on the other hand , offers cheap shipping rates from China and that really saves a great of money when you want to purchase a product shipped to other countries (E.g. Indonesia). The shipping fees from USPS can sometimes cost more than the product !

2. More convenient to communicate between consumer and seller

Alibaba has an instant chat messenger where buyers can chat with the seller in real time when the seller is online other than the normal 'leave a message' option. This saves time for both the buyer and seller , no more waiting for the messages in the inbox !

The instant chat messenger also has cute emotions and a nudge option. It is very convenient for the consumer to enquire about the product and get an instant answer from the seller.

3. Alibaba offers products in bulk at wholesale prices

Consumers can purchase products in massive quantities at wholesale prices , the more they purchase , the more discounts they get from seller. This is because the sellers have factories that mass produce them.

This is convenient for businesses and entrepreneurs that want to purchase in bulk at a cheap price. Ebay , on the other hand , offers little options to buy in bulk as the sellers are normally individuals selling individual items at a non wholesale price.

4. Way more payment options

The sellers in Alibaba offer multiple ways for payment compared to Ebay's limited electronic payment option. Buyers can discuss with the seller how to make payment in Alibaba to save the most money. Wire transfer , Telegraphic Transfer , MoneyGram and Western Union are some of the popular choices that consumers can choose for payment other than Paypal or credit card option.

Profits are way better for Alibaba


5. More shipping options

The buyer has a variety of shipping options to pick from. The shipping option is not limited to the product posting. Buyer can negotiate with seller on other shipping choices. Shipping rates are based on delivery time. Faster delivery will cost more than a slower delivery rate. Express shipping generally done by DHL and FedEx. However , DHL and FedEx's services may differ in price. Buyers can discuss with the seller which shipping option they prefer and then seller can pick the most suitable shipping rates for the consumer.

6 . Awesome for people who don't understand English Language

Alibaba is based in China so most of its users have Chinese/ Mandarin as their native language. This is a great help to buyers or sellers that have no background in English or do not know how to write and communicate in English language. Most of the buyers also come from China so businesses that can't offer English communication can still make good money.

7. Has way more product listings and varieties

Alibaba has more varieties of product listings than Ebay because of China's massive population. They have factories that produce almost all of the world's products so products that you can't find in Ebay will likely appear in Alibaba. China is also creative and have produced many unique products on their own so taking a look at Alibaba's website is really a positive and interesting experience.

8. Alibaba's stock market flotation is higher than Ebay & Amazon combined

According to BBC News, Alibaba has raised $25 billion (£15billion) in its share flotation, making it the largest initial public offering (IPO) in history.

Alibaba's shares had a whopping 36% increase above the offer price , making the price soar rapidly to a $92.70 as trading started – on the New York stock exchange market.

The share price surge valued the company at $230billion (£141billion) – more than Amazon's and eBay's combined

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Jack Ma & Alibaba's Success


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