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The Most Popular Items Sold on Associates Stores

Updated on August 8, 2010

Amazon associates is a great way to earn an extra online income helping sell amazons products for a commission. The question is what are the most popular items that sell in amazon associate stores? The answer is a lie – the best selling products are also the least selling and the amazon associate program gives you all the tools needed to find the products, review them, and promote them on your own website. Countless review of amazon associates say it’s a great medium to use, but most will not do well at it without serious training. My personal option of making money with amazon associates stores are, “It’s a hidden goldmine that will need hard work, effort, and research to succeed. Only to find a trickle of a gold vain that leads all the way to the other side of the planet leaving all efforts void.” This doesn’t mean you can’t make a monthly income with Amazon.

So what are the most popular items in the Amazon associate stores?

The answer is so plainly in sight that its ridiculous. All of the “Bestsellers” in all amazon categories are the bestsellers on amazon and in there affiliate stores. The reason why I said the bestsellers were the worst sellers is because you’re trying to host a retail store online. A much better option is to make a niche site only selling niche products. If you’re promoting dvd’s I don’t want to buy a George Foreman Grill. The most successful stores are ones with an angle – if I wanted a retail store I would go to a site like or

Click on Camera & Photo
Click on Camera & Photo
Click Bestsellers
Click Bestsellers
Click Point and Shoot
Click Point and Shoot
Sort By Bestseller
Sort By Bestseller
Accessories for Point and Shoot
Accessories for Point and Shoot

Ok, I have a niche then…how do I find the bestsellers in that niche?

Finding the bestselling products in your niche is the easy part. Finding the right balance of high selling products and less selling products in your store is the problem. All successful niche stores contain three main types of products:

1. The Main Niche

2. Accessories to the Niche

3. Items required by the Niche

The way to find these is best explained by an example. For this example I’ll pick a simple niche, point and shoot cameras.

Main Niche -

1. Go to amazon and click on camera & photo.

2. Click bestsellers on the bar to see the overall best sellers in the niche. (This includes video at this point, something we don’t want!)

3. Use all of the ones in the top 25 that are in your niche.

4. Now click Point & Shoots.

5. Sort by Bestselling if it isn’t selected.

6. Now create your personal selections from this list, also check out the customer review, if it has a high one it is more likely to sell and you are more likely to have repeat customers.

Accessories –

Search for accessories like sd memory cards , memory sticks, tripods, and everything else that goes with point and shoot cameras(best selling and highest rated).

Items Required –

Items required is not optional and stuff the customer should have. Sd cards are questionably under both categories but what isn’t is Batteries. A list of battery packs would be helpful for this example.

Clearly, you can see this train of thought is much more directed and will lead to more customers looking to buy what you have, unlike a retail store. A few tips would be to watch out for “rare” type items amazon might have that people search and search for but cannot find.  So clearly, if you’re a videogame nut and you get directed to a site that has nothing but books you most likely won’t buy anything from there. This is how best selling items and popular items even become bestselling or popular.


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    • jim10 profile image

      jim10 7 years ago from ma

      Thanks for the Hub. I have been an Amazon Affiliate for a while on my website and here. But, I just recently tried figuring out the whole Astore thing. I plan on hosting it on blogger once I figure out how. Or would you have a better suggestion? I could put it somewhere on my website. Except I am trying to keep my site with just very effective reviews from me while I would not be going that in depth for my Amazon Store.

    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish 7 years ago from North America

      Well-organized Hub and readers can profit from it in many ways. Great response to a Hub request.

    • elayne001 profile image

      Elayne 7 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Very useful info - I'm going to figure out which niche I am in now : )


    • profile image

      Multiman 6 years ago

      Good explanation

    • Powerpoe1 profile image

      Powerpoe1 6 years ago

      Great information! Thanks for discussing Amazon Associate Stores, I have been wanting to launch items on my site, but have been reluctant. Amazon Associate Stores sponsors webinars which discusses how to set-up a successful site.

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