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An Inside Look At Google

Updated on March 21, 2015

Putting This Search Engine Giant Into Perspective

How often do you use Google to search for things on the internet? Is it hourly, daily, weekly or even monthly.

Regardless of how often you use Google to search for things online have you ever wandered how it all works. Such as how can the results appear so fast simply by putting a simple search term into a web page box and pushing enter.

Have you ever wondered if it's a place, a factory, an entity or just some kind of ubiquitous, global, everywhere-on-the-net kind of thing?

This gives you an idea of what's behind something we take for granted every day of the week...

Have You Ever Seen A Google Data Center

These centers may be closer to you than you think...

When you enter your search term into Google it will then be processed at one of the many Data centers across the planet.

Below is a photo of the Google Data Center in Dalles, Oregon it sits right on the bank of the Columbia River.

Another quick fact about this facility is this, many of the employees also get to go rafting, wind surfing, hiking and even fishing.

A Look Inside Google's Data Centers

This is going to give you a much better understanding of how and why Google works so efficiently..

Below is a photo of the Council Buffs data center it is over 115,000 square feet in size.

You can see that it also utilizes as much space as possible so they can improve services to search and YouTube in the best way possible.

Inside the network room of routers and switches, this allows all the data centers to communicate with each other.

Google uses fiber optic networks which is why the network is so fast. With speeds more than 200.000 times that of a normal house phone. If you look to the top of the photo you will see the yellow lines this is the fiber optic cabling.

I little history for those that don't know, Council Buffs is in Iowa USA, and is on the east bank of the Missouri River across from what is now the much larger city of Omaha, Nebraska.

Lets Go Even Deeper Into The Basement

This next photo will illustrate just how fanatical Google really is about its business nothing in the company is left untouched including all the piping in the basements of the data centers.

If they are going to spend money on this no wonder their employees love working there.

Thousands of feet of pipe inside a Google data center. They are painted bright colors for no other reason than it's fun, you might think I am joking but it's true.

But being serious painting the pipes this way makes it easier to identify which one does what. The pink pipe tranfers water to the chillers and the green pipes go to the outside cooling tower.

Google Is Big On Energy Efficiency

This next photo is going to show you the rows of servers that are in just one data center at Douglas County, Georgia.

Google uses LED lighting on their servers because they are not only energy efficient but long lasting.

The next photo is a full room shot where you can see all the server banks, you might be thinking with all the different color LED lights that you are walking down a street covered in Christmas lights.

There are motion sensors in the room that will switch off the lighting in the room to further reduce energy costs

I am sure glad that I don't have to pay their power bill.

How Google Stays Cool

This next photo is an inside look into the cooling system of Google at Mayes County, Oklahoma.

There are literally hundreds of fans working to keep the servers from over heating. These fans are designed to funnel all the heated air into a cooling unit which is then re-circulated.

The green glow you see is from the server status LED lights that are reflecting back from the front of the servers.

It might look like some kind of alien space ship but its not. Then again maybe it is.

The next photo is a full room view of these same servers so you can see what is actually being cooled.

You will also notice on each server rack that there are different colored cables connected, Google does it this way so the can easily identify any failures and replace them fast.

Google Also Backs Up All Their Data Into A Tape Library

This is looking more and more like a space ship with each photo.

This is where Google backs everything up using what they call a Tape Library in Berkley County, South Carolina.

If you look to the far end of the photo you will see the robotic arms that load and unload the tape back ups as they are needed.

Do You Still Think You Can Still Fool Google

After seeing the technology that Google has at its finger tips do you believe that you can still trick Google into giving you good rankings?

Do You Believe You Can Still Trick Google Into Giving You Good Rankings

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I would really like to hear your comments. - What did you think about the photos and the technology behind Google Search

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