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an open letter from the girl that was asked to be the other woman

Updated on April 13, 2017

The Other Woman. Finding out your man is cheating, or woman, as the case may be, is cheating on you is probably one of the worst things to discover. You start to question everything.

Where did it go wrong?

Did I do something to make them want to cheat?

It is always just about the sex?

Am I emotionily distant and they need to connect with someone else on a deeper level?

Did they even start dating me for the right reasons?

I was asked to be the other woman once in college, but I had enough self respect in myself to say no. Sometimes, I wonder how my 19 year old, undeveloped brain had the sense to figure out that it was a bad idea. I could go into deeper detail, but that would be a totally different article. The point of the story is, I had the sense to say no. I knew if I did date him, and if he eventually broke up with his girlfriend to be with me, I would always wonder if there was now another "side chick", just like I had been.

Or even worse, I would just be the side chick forever.

I knew I could not do that to another girl. Even if the guy's girlfriend totally and completely sucks, there are just certain things that you should not do.

if a relationship starts with cheating, it is most likely guarenteed to end badly.

Of course, there are most likely circumstances that might state otherwise, but that is another topic for another day. I would completely change the whole point and course of my article if I explained that one.

I decided that I did not want that done to me, so I could not do it to another girl.

If a guy cheats with you, he will cheat on you, which, surprisngly, my 19 year old self was pretty quick to figure out.

Ladies, y'all have too much self respect to become just a "side chick". Never put up with a man that does that.


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