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If content is king, howcome a blog with almost no content ranks 1st at SERPs?

I'm trying to rank for a highly competitive (advertisor) niche keyword and a blog with almost no content (single post, 373 words, unreadable content for human beings, several non-working pictures and one ad, and %18 keyword density!) ranks 1st for this keyword. This blog has the keyword in its url and published 15 days before mine. My blog has also the keyword in my url, 6 posts with unique content (300-500 words each with pictures, % 3-%4 single keyword density). The blog with no content ranks 1st and mine ranks 22nd for this keyword, howcome this is possible?


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LucidDreams says

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5 years ago
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    Ashley Usher 5 years ago

    Thank you for your comment. The blog which ranked 1st at SERPs, is a blogger account published in January 1st 2012, my blog which ranked 22nd is also a blogger account published in January 15th, 2012.