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How different would your life have been had you just followed what the elders told you to do ?

When I was 15 my grandfather asked me to just go to the local college. This way I would come home to him and my grandmother in a big empty house and have dinner with them every night. He would pay for everything and give me a car when I graduated. That was a great offer. I declined it. After I graduated from the college of my choice and was accepted to study abroad, my mother told me to just get advanced degree in the Philippines. Why leave? Our schools are just as good. This is true. Had I not left, I would have gotten married, to someone they have chosen and would have been a pampered woman.


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Pamela Oglesby (Pamela99) says

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5 years ago
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  • msorensson profile image

    msorensson 5 years ago

    Thank you, Pamela. That is so interesting that we took the different paths and ended up where we are.right here

    I could never have stayed in the Philippines..I love the country and the people, but I refuse to be bound by an unwritten caste system..