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How do you make your website interactive and allow visitors to upload pictures?

Years ago, there was a company that allowed visitors to upload pictures to your website. It even showed their city on a cute map of the US. I want people to be able upload their dog pictures as "friends of Lucky" on my children's ebook website. Ideas? I need more instant interactivity on my site. (We have to work off of an old isp site builder because we have too much content there to change after 17 years).

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Stanley Soman (expertscolumn) says

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5 years ago
  • Billie Pagliolo profile image

    Billie Pagliolo 5 years ago

    Dear ExpertsC, Thank you so much. However, we have too much content to begin with a new site builder. We create online learning games and software and I know had great access to a site that allowed people to upload pictures, but can't find one now!