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How do each of your family members and friends support each other's individual businesses?

I posed this ques. incorrectly in another posting, so I'll try to be clearer here. My husband has 5 brothers and sisters and we have several friends who are struggling in various areas BUT all over the country. One sells high end cabinets (laid off), one makes bean bags with college logos for the bean bag game, one has been a contractor (laid off), one is a mechanic, my husband n I have an co. All of us have small businesses that are not succeeding well. If you have a close family like ours who is successful in promoting each other's business, how did you motivate everyone?


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Marie Giunta (MPG Narratives) says

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4 years ago
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    Billie Kelpin 4 years ago

    MPG, the sharing business cards and those 4 x 6 cards are a GREAT idea. I could ask everyone to send me what they have. I have a "Network of Family and Friends" on my website with a slide show with information on each. Thanks for this post!