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Whats the best way to find a business partner?

Hi I am an inventor but for medical reasons I am unable to handle searching for and convincing a prospective customer to sign a nda, they always push for information I cant give them without giving them critical details. I have no money at present so cant join expensive partner websites and cant get patents, im stumped. I know my stuff is good in last year 2 of my concepts have been used, I still have 8 blueprints and 20 concepts but I can almost feel time running out. Ive tried gumtree offering 50% partnership my ideas their sales skills or they could pay for a salesman no luck.

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3 years ago
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    William Robb 3 years ago

    Craigs isnt that popular in uk but ill try it.

    Well a mechanical engineer i had an agreement with to polish one of my blueprints i made him sign my nda but didnt think to get proof of id once id showed and explained that one design never heard from