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Why there isn't yet a common CV's template which is used all around the world ?

Why do we have to create a different CV depending on the place where we want to go to work? And why there are many different CV's template ? Isn't it better to create a common CV's template which feel the need of every place ? I don't see much differences in a job done in Europe or Asia or where else. In a CV you are presenting yourself, so the only thing that should change is the language of the things written in it. Instead you have to make it in at least 3 different ways if you want to apply for a job.... Why?

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muhammad abdullah javed (m abdullah javed) says

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3 years ago
  • Mickji profile image

    Mickji 3 years ago

    Not same size but the same design.The problem is that you have to create 2 or 3 different CV for the same country.If one CV is better, then everybody should use it as a standard instead of making variations. I must find a job and this isn't helping..