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Which Pair of Shoes Are You Wearing? Do You Wear the Same Pair of Shoes in the Office/Site/Lab

as you wear in your home? When you are out in a restaurant?...Do you transfer the power and authourity you have in your Profession into Your Personal Life? Do we do that? Should we do it? If we do it, is it a false right or claim? Should we legislate to keep power and authourity in the title on the job and not use it in our personal life and relationships? Does a CEO/ Manager have a right to expect the same "obedience" in his/her relationship/s? A Police Officer that may need to use physical force on his/her job is also condoned in their family life? Does this transfer of power benefit us


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Lois Ryan (LoisRyan13903) says

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17 months ago
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    Threekeys 17 months ago

    I too enjoy being and working in a zen environment. But a "comfort feel" can creep in when I am in the middle of a focused project.

    I personally would like partners/people to leave their "work authourity" at work