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Better 2 file EEOC complaint too when filing internal complaint with HR? Question 2 flourishanyway.

Thank you, flourishanyway, for posting this very insightful article. Is it better to file an EEOC complaint when filing an internal complaint with HR? Is it necessary? I'm wondering if HR would be more defensive if an EEOC complaint was filed rather than attempting to handle it internally only? The complaint would be filed by a highly respected (at least so far) company employee in good standing.

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Tamara Wilhite (tamarawilhite) says

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18 months ago
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    Lifeis2good 18 months ago

    Thk u, Tamara. Can u tell me if u think HR would take it as seriously w/o an EEOC filing? I would prefer to avoid as I don't want to hurt the company but also want to be taken seriously. Thk u again.