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I am Sr.TIA/SR. My third MACP for GP 5400 denied by S Rly authorities. Is this the rule in ur RLY?

I got appointed as CG-1 in 84 in scale 330-560 Promoted as AA in 87 in scale 1400-2600 Posted as S V in same scale in 89 and worked only for 35 days as SV, not appeared for Appendix IV-A, no financial benefit received while working as SV. Promoted as TIA in 1989 in scale 1640-2900 from AA while working as SV. Became Sr TIA in 93. Now i am denied my MACP for GP 5400 on the contention that AA to SV as a promotion. This is not justifiable as i have not received any financial upgradation while working as SV. Now, pls tell me is this the rule in ur Rly? is it given in any Rly


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