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Article Submission Review

Updated on February 25, 2014

Why Article Submission?

People could read this and find out why submitting articles to article directories is still a good idea, despite recent changes to the way in which the major search engines rank websites. In fact, once you've read through this lens, you'll be itching to dust off that old software or whatever you used to use to get your articles submitted to directories and get busy once again.

Everyone involved in search engine ranking knows that it is getting harder to rank a site using the old methods of SEO that used to work like a charm. Article submission was a great way to generate tons of backlinks to a website in order to get it to rank for certain keywords, but the algorithm changes made by Google effectively shut that door.

But it looks like they left that door open a crack!

Yes, there is still value to submitting articles and getting backlinks, it's just the strategy is a little different. Here in this lens, I'll explain what that new strategy is and how you can still use article directories to rank sites that you didn't think were rank-able any more!

Article Submission Websites

Before you do anything, you'll need to know where to submit your articles for the most benefit in terms of placing backlinks that will count for anything. You can get a first class list of around 200 of the best article directories by clicking that link.

Once you have your list of article submission directories, which are really just websites that accept your articles for publication along with thousands of others, you need to think about what you wan to promote. That will generally be your website, assuming you only have the one. This is fine, but there is a better way.

These days since the release of Google's Penguin algorithm update, having hundreds of links direct from article directories pointing right at your website is a bad idea. It can actually cause your site to lose ranking in their index. But there is a way around this.


These days, Google likes relevance and lots of it. Most article directories are too general and don't provide the level or relevance that will appease the strict Penguin. But there's nothing stopping you from getting busy and creating a bunch of highly relevant mini-sites that focus on the main topic of your money making website. Then you use article directories to send links to those mini-sites.

Here's how it works.

First of all, you can choose whether you want your mini-sites to be created on your own domains, in which case you will need to pay for domain registration and then hosting on several different servers to maintain some separation from each other and your main site. This is a more stable model, but it can work out expensive, especially if you're only just getting going.

A cheaper (read free) alternative is to set up a bunch of free blogs and mini-sites using some of the popular web 2.0 properties such as,,, etc. Make sure you post original articles to these properties and make them a decent length and not just readable but useful so if a real visitor lands on the page, they will go away with something and not head straight for the spam button and get your site deleted!

Once your mini-sites are indexed by Google, add in a single link in each pointing to your main site. Vary the anchor of each link so you don't set off any Penguin flags, so a mix a few exact keyword anchors with some variations of the keyword plus some naked url links and some irrelevant ones such as "click here" "this website" etc. This keeps it natural.

Once you've done that, go ahead and send out your article submissions linking to the mini-sites, again varying the link anchors to them.

This creates a mini pyramid linking structure which is still valuable as a ranking tool. Your mini-sites soak up all the low value links from the article directories and act as a buffer to your main money site, which gets some great links from your mini-sites which are juiced up from all those article directory links.

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Do You Use Article Submission Directories?

Do You Use Article Submission Directories?

See results

Top Article Submission Sites

Here is a short list of some of the best article submission sites around:

  • - eZine Articles
  • -Lucrative Articles
  • - Your Articles
  • - Go Articles
  • - Yes Articles
  • - Article Alley
  • - Article Cube

Please Comment on this Lens Here: - Tell me if you found this information useful, thanks!

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    • takkhisa profile image


      5 years ago

      Thanks for sharing! I don't use them.

    • Gypzeerose profile image

      Rose Jones 

      5 years ago

      I have used ezine articles in the past, and got some traffic to my Squidoo lenses, but not recently.


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