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Article Submission Sites List

Updated on January 23, 2015

Why Article Submission?

Many website and blog owners wonder if there is any point to submitting articles to directories and submission sites since the massive change to the way Google ranks their sites in its index that occurred back in 2012. Yet there is still a proliferation of this type of site and they are still being filled up with articles by people.

Does not this fact alone make you think that there just might still be some point to the practice?

I wondered too and did some trial and error testing. I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome. This lens is chiefly about the way in which it became quite obvious to me that article submission still has its place in the grand scheme of things SEO related.

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While the majority of bloggers and website owners have stopped doing any kind of home grown SEO out of fear over what Google may or may not do to them, some are still beavering away at it. And winning!

So here is a reason to carry on and a short list of the better of these kinds of sites for you to try out for yourself.

Article Submission Trial and Error

To be honest, while there was a lot or "trial" there wasn't much "error" in what I was trying out. It was simply using old methods to submit a bunch of articles to directories and submission sites that I knew had been around for a long time and were still viable in terms of providing a link back to my site I used for the trial.

Now don't go thinking I'm going to be stupid enough to reveal the site in question or for that matter the niche it occupies. I can tell you it sites somewhere in the huge health niche and it is a three word keyword with moderate competition. But that's all I'm saying.

The site is not an EMD (exact match domain) for the keywords I targeted, but it was already indexed and ranking on page 3 for its main keyword. The trial was to get it to rise in the SERPs for that keyword (and while I was about it to get it to rank for some longer tails too).

Incidentally, if all this sounds like gibberish to you, you are probably not actively using SEO to promote your blog or site, so it might not be of much interest to you.

If it does make sense, then read on. What happened was surprising, to say the least.

Patience is a Virtue

I expected to have to wait several weeks for any changes to start happening once I'd submitted my articles to a set of 100 article submission sites. I was pleasantly disappointed in that changes start happening after only 2 weeks. Here's what went down:

Of the article submissions, I used a variety of anchors for my links. Half of the links used anchors ranging from the naked url to generic things like "click here" "this website" etc in no particular order. The other half contained my keywords in variation but none of them contained the exact keyword phrase that I intended to rank for. I think this minor aspect was significant.

The articles were submitted gradually, being dripped out over the course of around 10 days so as not to raise any flags. Then I sat back and waited to see what would happen.

The Result?

My site moved from page 3 to mid page 1 in the SERPs for its main keyword inside of 2 weeks after the last articles had been submitted. It climbed over a few days and then sort of came to rest at #4 for a day before slipping back to #6 where it has stayed for the last month.

So that little test, while not being particularly scientific was pretty conclusive fr4om where I'm sitting.

I should point out here that you may try this for yourself and not get the same results as I did. Every niche and keyword will react differently to this kind of promotion.

Don't go for really tough keywords as you're bound to be disappointed going up against big sites that probably have backlink profiles bigger than you can shake a stick at. Stick to easier niches and you might pleasantly surprise yourself at what is possible.

The Article Directory List?

I'm going to save duplication here and simply direct you to a handy site which lists a great selection of active article directories. Enjoy:

Are You Doing Article Submission?

Are You Doing Article Submission?

See results

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