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What Is Artisyn Paper?

Updated on August 4, 2011

Introduction To Artisyn Paper

Artisyn Synthetic Paper was an uncoated, single layer, highly filled polyolefin printing substrate made between the years of 2004-2008 by a company named Daramic, LLC. Artisyn's "claim to fame" was universal printability. That's to say that it was a synthetic paper that you could print on using many types of printers, including desktop Inkjet and Laser printers. Although standard inkjet printers may have reduced color density when printing on it, the results are acceptable for most applications.

Artisyn Was Acquired By PPG, Inc. In Early 2008
Artisyn Was Acquired By PPG, Inc. In Early 2008

What Happened To It?

In early 2008 the Artisyn brand and formula were sold to PPG, Inc., the manufacturer of a similar synthetic paper called Teslin® Substrate. PPG, Inc. has not discussed Artisyn since the acquisition, but they have been using the acquisition to improve their own Teslin® Substrate. Any Artisyn that may remain in the market today was made in early 2008 at the very latest, and is far past the manufacturers recommended usage lifespan and should not be sold.

What Replaced Artisyn?

Artisyn is succeeded by Teslin® Substrate. Teslin® is used to make hundreds of products including ID cards, maps, labels, hang tags, medical charts, signs, menus, credit cards, placemats, and much more. Teslin® Substrate comes in a variety of specialty grades, made specifically for use in each of the printers they are designed for, providing superior print performance over Artisyn's one size fits all approach. For a lot more information on Teslin, visit the Teslin Paper Squidoo Lens.

Where Can I Find Teslin Paper?

Teslin is not available at any retail stores, but can be easily found online. I've included links below to multiple sources, as well as the sources for the data in this lens. I hope you enjoyed it and learning something today.

Teslin Paper on Amazon is one of the best sources for Teslin Paper Online. Shipping is fast, payment is secure, and customer service is top notch!


I could not have finished this lens without the help of some great resources. The information in this lens was gathered from these sources, so if you are looking for more information, these are the links to follow.


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