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Associated Content Alternatives

Updated on August 14, 2010
Associated Content Alternatives
Associated Content Alternatives

Looking for Associated Content Alterntatives?

Thousands of writers used to place articles on Associated Content, one of the biggest article directories on the internet, only to be told that those people overseas could no longer be paid by them.

Overnight these thousands upon thousands of writers foudn themselves homless, lumped with content with nowhere to go.  Fortuantely there are some great websites out there for those people looking for Associated Content Alternatives.

This short guide will take you through a range of websites which are not only great Associated Content replacements, but also much better thant Associated Content could ever have hoped to have been!

HubPages Associated Content Alternatives

Yes that's right HubPages, the site you are reading right now, is one of the best Associated Content alterntatives. With 60/40 revenue sharing in your favor, backlinks, and a strong community behind it, Hubpages is by far one of the best content sites online!

You can sign up to HubPages Here!

Hubpages has a simple yet intuitive interface which allows you to easily create pages, insert Amazon advertisements, and earn from Google Adsense!

DevHub Associated Content Alternative

DevHub is relatively new on the scene, yet it has already made some big steps towards branding itself as a unique publishing alternative. Unlike most services, DevHub lets you create a 'Town' where each building is an article which you must nurture and grow to become a successful mayor.

While this looks a little gimmicky on the outside, you would be surprised how much this simple technique can keep you interested in your own content!

You can sign up to DevHub Here!

Bukisa Adsense Alternative

Bukisa is yet another great revenue sharing article site which provide a fantastic writing platform for people looking to earn a little cash by writing online.  This great ASsociated Content alternative is a great new location for all those Associated Content articles which are not earning you any more cash!

Sign up to Bukisa Here!


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    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 7 years ago from Minnesota

      I really appreciate this great information. Thank you so much and I will be checking into them. UP and USEFUL