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To Audio Brand or Not with Custom Music

Updated on October 24, 2010

Creating A Brand Experience With Custom Songs:

Audio Branding is on the rise as several companies are realizing the power of branding music with consumers.

Before you can decide if audio branding is the right marketing tool to use, you must first understand what audio branding consists of.

Audio branding has actually been used for years with advertising and marketing campaigns in radio, television, and even some forms of billboards. Better known as music beds, jingles, donuts and sound effects.

Today, the most popular buzz words are audio branding, sound branding, sonic branding and sound logos. All of these modern day buzz words essentially mean the same thing. Donuts, jingles, music beds and sound effects.

With the ever changing technology of the world in which we live in, terminology associated with the latest trends is also changing, including the ones associated with music marketing tools.

If you are aware of any of these terms, then you already have a much better understanding on the workings of this type of marketing tool. If this is the first time you are hearing any of these terms, you can finally put a name to the music that is associated with the audio branding that you've already been exposed to.

Get Custom Jingles for Better Branding

Audio branding, sound branding and sonic branding are all terms referring to the use of sound to reinforce a brand identity.

Essentially, audio branding is the use of short music beds underneath commercials, or the use of a specific sound for a sound effect to help get the message across to a specific target market audience. (Ex: kids laughing, a door slamming shut, the cha' ching of a cash register)

Audio branding can also be used as “donuts”. A donut is a short music bed with a jingle in the front of, or at the end of a commercial.

Audio branding has actually been used for years with advertising and marketing campaigns in radio, television, and even some forms of billboards, but has been better known as music beds, jingles, donuts and sound effects.

Sound logos are short distinctive melodies or other sequences of sound that are mostly positioned at the beginning or ending of a commercial.

Music generally evokes an emotion in those that it touches. To maximize using audio branding as a marketing tool, always be sure to decide early on the type of lasting impression you really want to leave on the customer.

It is important to know which key emotion you are targeting to represent your personal or company brand. Once you have decided on the specific emotion you want to touch in consumers, you can then go forth with your audio branding campaign.

Always remember, the human brain has a much easier time remembering specific melodies or jingles versus an actual full length commercial. When a melody starts, the human brain automatically expects an ending, which makes the melody the most memorable part of your commercial. When used appropriately for your product or business, audio branding can take your personal brand and make it so it is not forgotten!

Have You Ever Used Audio Branding? Did It Work?

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