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How To Make Digital Audio Recordings For Your Online Business And Upload Them ToYour Website

Updated on June 14, 2011

Let's Record!

Do you have a company web site or affiliate that you are trying to promote?

If yes, have you thought about producing your own digital audio recordings and post them on your site? Or maybe create a free podcast service visit as a way to bring more traffic to your website?

The production of a basic audio recording is no longer a difficult or wallet-draining exercise.

Sound Recording Software

If you are lucky enough to own a Mac OSX, for example, you already posess all the equipment you need in your computer! Just open the program GarageBand and go!

For Windows users, there is Sound Recorder, which is included in the bundle of Windows back to Windows 95, but you'll probably have to use an external microphone to record your audio files.

Digital Audio Recorder

External Microphone or Digital Audio Recorder

In fact, regardless of the recording software you use, I recommend investing in a good quality microphone or a portable digital audio recording, such as the Roland Edirol R-09.

A portable digital recorder gives you the freedom to choose where to make recordings. Files can be uploaded from a digital audio recorder using Roland’s Cakewalk “pyro Audio Creator LE” software.

Uploading To Your Website

When you are finished recording the audio file you can upload it to the Internet via a free, online service, as (If you're busy, you can record audio directly to SoundCloud.) You can copy the code from their site and paste it in an article on your site or blog, to make your recording available to your site visitors.

Once you see how easy it is to make your recordings on your computer, Edirol R-09 or similar device, you can take the next step and established a free public podcasting on iTunes.

Recording Your Audio Program

Do not worry about producing a very professional audio. A five-to-ten minute audio recording will be long enough. If you do not know what to talk about, just record yourself reading some of your sites contents. Write a short introduction and conclusion suitable for an audio recording and mark the beginning and end of the article.

You might find it sounding strange when reading into the mike, that some of it may sound strange or unnatural. So, to change those parts of the article and do another recording.

Get Started Today!

Whatever you choose to do, creating a good quality audio recording as part of your online marketing strategy is logical and easy to implement. It is likely that you have the equipment most needed already. Give it a try .


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