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Authority Site Model Review-Lisa Parmley’s Seo Course Reviewed

Updated on April 21, 2014

What is an Authority Site?

The Authority Site Model

The Authority Site Model is claimed to be the solution to the problems for website owners arising from the more demanding requirements of Google and the other search engines when it comes to ranking sites high in the search engines. Many website owners have experienced great disappointment in the last 12 months or thereabouts.

Because Google in particular has been busy in the last 18 months rolling out changes to its algorithm for ranking websites and content in its search engine results pages (SERPS).

Updates like Panda and Penguin have really seen a dramatic shake up in the search engine results pages with lots of small website owners experiencing dramatic falls in traffic. Seeing a lot of hard work going down the drain has caused considerable anxiety and pain for these website owners who have put a lot of work into building their websites.

Some of these sites would have been focused on affiliate marketing through the affiliate marketing programs of Ebay, Amazon, Commission Junction, Share a Sale, Clickbank, and other affiliate program providers.

Many of these sites would have been signed up to the Google Adsense advertising program.

These types of sites have seen the most dramatic falls in rankings and traffic. Unfortunately many of them were, quite frankly, built on a very weak foundation; a foundation of sand in effect.

Many of them followed poor advice dished out on internet marketing forums like the Warrior Forum by people with little knowledge, experience, or interest in search engine optimization.

Much of this advice bears no relationship to industry best practices which should be essentially grounded in what Google has to say in terms of what it wants to see and will rank well in the search engines.

Lisa Parmley

The Authority Site Model Course by Lisa Parmley

Lisa Parmley is a former research scientist and has been involved in seo since building her first site in 2001. She has been very successful for most of that time, after a steep learning curve, and her Authority Site Model course is all about getting sites to rank well in the search results for medium to long term, sustainable organic traffic.

This seo course is delivered online and uses video and downloadable documents to deliver the material. Once you invest in the course you are given access to a dedicated web portal to access all of the materials for up to 12 months.

You can download all of the videos, PDF transcripts, and checklists at any time in the 12 months after purchase.

There are 7 sections or modules in the course covering

  • Introduction
  • Research
  • List building
  • Site structure and the best keywords to target in your market
  • Magnetic or authority content
  • Site build including a Wordpress quick start guide
  • How to promote your site.

Let’s take a look in greater detail at each section…

Contents of the Authority Site Model Course


The introduction comprises 3 videos which explain the concept behind the Authority Site Model, why the authority site strategy is really the only one likely to succeed nowadays, and what exactly is an authority site and provides examples of authority sites.

Keyword Research

Preliminary Research

No matter what purpose you want your website for-promoting your own product, promoting the products of others as an affiliate, selling advertising or being involved in eh Google Adsense program-you will need to carry out preliminary research.

Without doing this you are in danger of rushing headlong into a market or niche that is simply too big to compete in..or a niche market that is too small to make it worth your while to dominate simply because there is not enough search volume in it.

So Parmley looks in great detail, with a scientist’s mind and training, at the factors you need to consider in deciding how broad or narrow your site should be in terms of specialization.

This section also looks at how to monetize your site in the particular market you have chosen, how competitive your market is, and most importantly: how to carry out the necessary keyword research to see what keywords you should start building your site around.

There are 6 videos in this section and there are of course accompanying downloadable PDF documents and check lists to ensure you are on the right track and don’t embark on a disastrous foray into a market that is either too competitive or not lucrative enough.

Building a Subscriber List

List Building

List building features large in this training for one very simple reason: building a list of subscribers will significantly lessen your dependence on the search engines for traffic over time.

There are four videos in this section.

Parmley shows you

  • the best way to ensure maximum opt in rates,
  • what autoresponder suppliers to choose from,
  • what to say in your emails,
  • and most importantly how to structure a series of emails for best results. This includes how many, how often, and why unsubscribes can be good even though you may be disappointed at first when you see an unsubscribe message.

Site Structure and Keywords Focus

This section explains how to lay out your site, how many categories, how to link internally for best seo results, the essential pages that all authority/trusted sites must have, the types of keywords and phrases to optimize your site for, and how much content to publish to get started.

There are 3 videos in this section and this is a critical stage of your website build with a huge emphasis again on planning: planning out your site rather than just throwing up content and hoping for the best in the search engine results pages.

Authority/Magnetic Content is Key

How to Create Authority Content

This section is critically important. Authority or magnetic content is the engine that drives an authority site-it really is a cornerstone of your business if you wish to rank well in the search engines.

There are 5 videos in this section covering topics like

  • Google’s guidelines for quality content
  • How to outsource your content creation, where to find the best writers, and what instructions to give your writers…if you choose to outsource. You don’t have to if you wish to write yourself but to ramp up your site build going forward outsourcing is a great option to look at. But there are dangers and issues you need to be aware of
  • Where to find the best and most trusted sources of information, no matter what market you are in; a key aspect of an authority site is that the content is not just unique but genuinely informative
  • The different types of content you should have on your site and the one type of content that you need to focus on for the search engines.

Building Website Authority

Building your Website

This module of the Authority Site Model course has 6 videos and looks at

  • on page seo,
  • where to position your opt in forms,
  • how to choose a domain name,
  • what plugins and themes to use if you are using Wordpress to build your site,
  • the vital importance of properly formatting your content,
  • the best permalink structure,
  • and most importantly of all: how to build your site in a way that is attractive to both search engines and human visitors.

Promoting Your Website

How to Promote Your Site

This section looks at the all important aspect of promoting your site, especially in the early stages when your site needs a boost or some ignition effect. In Parmley’s typical incredibly comprehensive fashion she provides 6 videos.

The best methods of promoting your site are set out, how to obtain quality back links, which back links to avoid for fear of hurting your site, how to approach other webmasters for links and the type of email you should send, and how to identify sites that are most likely to be happy to link back to yours.

Parmley also looks at YouTube marketing, article marketing, guest blogging, and other white hat methods of getting links back to your site.


Authority Site Model Bonuses

  1. Affiliate Review Sites

Parmley also provides two bonus reports with her training.

One is a report on how to properly build and maintain an affiliate site. But Parmley’s affiliate sites are not your typical, content thin sites you will come across all the time.

No, they are still authority sites which rank very well in the search engines and avoid any Google slap like so many other affiliate sites. She provides 17 different types of content that you can create for your affiliate site which will truly set it apart from the competition.

2. Unique Selling Proposition Tactics

This free bonus is over 100 pages long and explains in great detail how you can uniquely position your website and business in any market.

Creating a USP for your business or site will lessen your competition regardless of whether you are promoting your own product or service or somebody else’s as an affiliate.

Quality Content Writing Services

Authority Content-The Foundation of an Authority Site

The foundation stone of an authority type site is it's content. Authority content is unique, informative, quality content that provides insightful analysis and treats the topic at hand in a genuinely comprehensive fashion.

It is the opposite of much of the content you will find on many website on the internet which are filled with short, uninformative articles which only briefly take a superficial look at the topic being discussed.

Authority content will provide a great return on investment of your time, provided you follow the steps set out by Parmley in her course.

However, creating great content can be time consuming. A solution to this is to outsource the task to a good quality writer.

There are many article and blog writing services providing content of varying quality. Be sure to do your due diligence and research before investing in outsourcing your content creation needs.

Once you do satisfy yourself that you have found the right writer for you, don't be afraid to ramp up your website build and accelerate your progress.

Delegating time consuming tasks is a critical part of succeeding in any business, regardless of whether it is online or off.

Authority Site Verdict

Authority Site Model Course Verdict

I have bought and benefited greatly from Parmley’s teaching and recommend it with confidence.

As I write this Lisa Parmley is charging $500 for a one hour telephone consultation and $1,995 for a full site review and advices. For this reason her training is really excellent value because you will get approximately 6 months of training with this course as it will take you this long to implement fully.

It is therefore not a course for someone who is looking to take shortcuts, fool the search engines or attempt to get rich quick.

Rather, it is a course that is aimed towards people who are serious about building a quality, authority type website and who is serious about their business.

To promote this course Parmley provides a free report which sets out in greater detail than I can in this review the logic and raison d’etre of building an authority site and why it is essential now with the changes in the search engine algorithms.

She also provides around 4 free sample videos which allow you to get a really good flavour of what is involved in the Authority Site Model course and whether it is right for you.

Please accept a copy of this free report and video training which you can pick up here.

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