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Auto Responders: Why Every Online Business Should Have One

Updated on March 8, 2014

What do all multi-billion dollar companies all have in common? No, not that they all bank billions of dollars. They all never stop advertising. Think about that one. Have you ever gone a week without seeing a McDonalds commercial, or a Verizon Wireless billboard?

Probably not. The key to success with these conglomerates is that they make sure that you, the customer, never forgets about them. In the online world of business, the almighty auto responder sees to it that this is the case.

An auto responder defined

Ok, so what exactly is an auto responder? This is basically a system that allows any home based business owner to automate all communication with a repeat or prospective customer. There are many different auto responder services out there, but they all exist for that sole purpose.

AWeber is arguably the leader of the pack as users rave over their reliability and service. Other auto responder resources are Get Response, Traffic Wave, and Constant Contact. Look around, though. There are quite a few that are reputable.

Before you can fully understand the purpose of an effective auto responder, you must first come to terms with the bread and butter of any successful business. While often overlooked, the most important component of any business is it's customer base. Regardless of how great of a product or service you provide, you will still need people to market it to.


What does this have to do with my business?

The most lucrative businesses all have very large customer pools. I want you to think about this for a moment. Lets say that you just started a company and your job was to give money away. Think banks and other forms of lenders.

Now just imagine that you started your business with the hopes of loaning to your family and friends. While giving away money may seem relatively easy to do, eventually you will run out of people to lend to. This is exactly why the better companies are constantly advertising; so that they're always growing their pool of contacts.

Smart business owners on the internet follow this same concept; build a list of prospects. If you're very good at it sooner or later your list of prospects will become overwhelming.

Now this is sort of a good pain, though. True you have hundreds of people to market to, but how in the world are you going to reach out to them regularly? Now do you see where a reliable autoresponder comes into play?

You see even if you sold a product or service to John Doe last month, your true success will come if Mr. Doe returns and spends more money. After all, you're targeting his repeat business.

An auto responder will allow you to broadcast regular emails to him of upcoming sales, promotions, or even a coupon giveaway. Depending on what type of information you collect, it will also allow you to reach out via phone or direct mail.

Where to get an auto responder?

I would highly recommend to anyone starting a business on the internet to invest the best autoresponder. You must realize that as your business grows, you'll need to allocate your time to other things.

Why not automate the communication with your thousands of customers? It will pay off in the long run. Ask any successful home based business owner, very few will tell you that they don't deal with autoresponders. Those that claim to not have time for them, probably don't have time for profits either.

About the Author

Kevin Timothy is an internet marketer and coach that loves to teach others how to generate income from home. He firmly believes that the autoresponder should be involved in any small business. To get a free report on how autoresponders can make you money, visit:


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