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How to be a Successful AVON Representative

Updated on March 21, 2016

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How To!

Avon, A Fun and Easy Way to Start Your Own Business

Most people don't realize that it only takes $20 to start an Avon, work at home business. Yep... just $20 to have your own Avon start up kit and become an Avon Representative.

Avon will also give you credit. When you pay your $20 start up fee you get to make your first order with credit from Avon. They allow you a certain amount of credit based on your current situation.

In my opinion Avon is one of the easiest businesses to get into as far as start up costs.

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This is How I Became a Very Successful Avon Rep....

1. Get your brochures to the customers. I invested in a name, phone, website and email stamp as well as a rotating date stamp to mark my brochures quickly. I learned from other successful reps that the best way to do this is to "canvas" different neighborhoods. Basically get as many brochures as you can afford and go door to door leaving them on door knobs in the hanging bags that you can purchase from Avon. If you can only afford the 20 brochures I suggest getting those to people you know will order from you at first and working your way up to canvasing. I have found that knocking on doors or just leaving the brochures work about the same.... so if you are shy just leave them and if people are interested they will call.

2. A day or two before you place your Anon order call all of your customers (unless they request that you don't) and remind them that the order is going in. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!!! Seriously the customers appreciate this service and it will get you so many orders that you would not have received. If you don't get an answer just leave a short pleasant message inviting them to call you back before a certain time so you can place their order. AGAIN THIS IN MY OPINION IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF BEING A SUCCESS IN AVON.

3. Place the order via the representative website. Just be patient and you will get the hang of it. Remember that before you place your current order you need to pay for your last order. Remember... Avon gives you credit so when you placed your previous order and delivered to your customers you have to pay Avon what you owe them and you get to keep the rest. I made sure that as soon as I delivered and had the total amount of what I owed I paid Avon to stay in good standing with the company.

4. The order in most cases, depending on location, will be delivered to your door via a subcontracted delivery driver. I liked to tip the driver with a few bucks or some product just to be nice and ensure that they remember me as a good rep. Sort the order. You will be able to print out the orders on your computer and then sort and bag each order. There may be some backordered items that you will have to explain to the customer and in most cases they will want them when they do come in otherwise be sure to cancel them on the website.

5. Call each customer that ordered and let them know when you are available for delivering and how much their total is. You will find that some customers like to chat and visit and others will leave their check or money under a welcome mat and you can leave the order at the door. If you are not the chatty type just let them know that you are short on time and have to go.

6. Deliver the orders and replace new brochures to customers that did not order. Once you have established a customer base you will know who and when certain customers order, some will every two weeks and others will just a few times a year. You can distribute brochures accordingly and to the customers request. Delivery time is also a good time to do some canvasing in neighborhoods that you are already in. Drop a few books with neighbors of customers etc...

* If you can get into an office or business with your Avon Brochures you can get several orders and only make one delivery, saves time and makes more money.
* Reward good customers with little freebies like chap stick or discounts a few times a year for being a great customer.
* Put extra product in a basket with discounted prices on them when you deliver, you might make a little extra money and unload extra products. this is a great idea with outlet items that you can buy and still make a little money on.
* Set up at local bridal fairs, Christmas bazaars and county fairs.. the exposure will bring in more sales, customer and possible recruits to build your down line for the residual income that is possible with your Avon business.


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