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Updated on August 22, 2016

Improve your close rate

3 Simple Steps to Improving Your Close Rate.

It is all about getting the deal done faster, right? Or is it all about getting the deal before your competition does? We are going to share three things to help you increase your closing ratio so that you can achieve your goals and target sales faster.


Where there are high levels of trust, you are able to make deals quicker. We are not going to go into detail about how you build trust but we are going to discuss an example where trust wasn’t really present and how it lead to losing many deals. At one point in time there was a sales man selling kitchen cutlery. A whole week went by and he didn’t make a single sale. He was frustrated so he went to his manager to inquire about what he was doing wrong or why he couldn’t close any sales. The manager asked “why are you selling these items?” He replied that he wanted to help people. The manager then asked “are you really helping them?” When the salesman though about it he really wasn’t. Whenever a customer showed interest the salesman started thinking about the commission and lost track of what the customer wanted and started thinking about himself. When he changed his thought process during the sales call and started caring about what the customer wanted, he started to sell lots of kitchen cutlery. If your intention is to care about what the other person wants then you are able to build that trust between you and your customers.

People do business with people they know, like and trust. The same is true in business, probably more so. Earn the potential clients trust, show that you genuinely care, and you will increase your sales.

Make a review video:

When looking for a restaurant, a new car or anything people are considering as a purchase, the first thing most people do is look up reviews on the product or service they are interested in. You want to know what other people are really saying about it. Does it really help, does it work etc. What happens in the mind of your prospects is after hearing about your organization they go out to the internet to check on its reputation. 94% of all business to business purchases begin with an online search.

When you show up on a search with your review video, it’s like you are already in the mind of your prospect and one step ahead of the buying decision for your potential clients. Go ahead and create a short review video of why you joined the organization and what is that you can offer others if they decide to work with your company or buy your company’s product.

Video has fast become the favorite source of information on the web. Whether it’s live streaming or recorded and placed on the internet people use video to learn more about products or services, and they do it at an astonishing rate. Upload your videos to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and any other platform that allows you to host videos.

Follow up with business prospects:

Follow up doesn’t mean collecting business cards and calling them 3 months down the road. Statistics have shown that it takes people 7 exposures or touches before they actually decide to purchase something. When a salesperson collects a business card and calls3 or 4 times he/she starts thinking that he/she is being obtrusive and becomes discouraged as a result. You should get into the habit of also using email and/or direct mail as methods to stay in touch with your prospects. There are tons of CRMs available today that allow you to manage your communication and follow up with prospects. Using several forms of communication will make you seem less intrusive. Whenever you are sending a communication you shouldn’t try to close the deal immediately. You should provide more information and education on your product or service.

In Closing:

You are in sales because you recognize the potential for unlimited income (hopefully). These 3 tips will increase your bottom line if you genuinely follow them. Follow through and follow up goes a long way. Showing that you truly care goes even further. 3 Simple Steps to get your sales close rate moving up. Best of luck!


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