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banner exchanges

Updated on January 6, 2010

Ying Yang

Ying Yang
Ying Yang

Banner Exchange Programs

If your a website publisher, you can promote your site easily, and quickly with the help of some banner exchanges. Best of all most of them are Free.

If you promote a banner of the site on your page, then a reciprocal exchange impression is also shown on another site. Usually they can be in ratios of 2:1 , so if you show to impressions, then you get 1. However there are a few different varieties.

Some of them charge you money once you use up all your initial impressions, so just make sure that you check the terms & conditions.

However, most of them are free, and offer banners & buttons in a variety of different sizes.

You will have to make up your own banner using the required sizes that the sites ask for, as its not creating a banner in adwords, where you can make something flashy quite easily.

With some simple editing you can just add your site logo, with some editing to fit the sizes.

There are alot of niche banner exchanges too, from rowing clubs, Sci fi, Technology, and even ones for C64 computers.

If you have some adsense on your pages too, then adding a banner exchange program can help you make some money, as there will be a number of surfers who click through onto your google ads too.


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