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60 Pub & Bar Names

Updated on February 5, 2017

How willing are you to go to a bar that has a boring name? Probably not as likely as a bar that has a catchy name!

If you have a liquor license, savings, and a desire to be a business owner, then it’s probably a good idea to spend a decent chunk of time thinking of the perfect name for that impending investment, right? Right.

Great Business Naming Tips for You to Sip On

Bar Name Ideas to Consider

Finding the perfect name won’t happen right away, but your best bet is to start keeping a pen and notepad on you at all times, in case a great idea strikes you. Start jotting down all good names that come to mind. Here’s a few tips for coming up with bar names:

  • Use your name: Surely, you’re going to be a proud business owner, right? So why not use your name in the bar’s name? Everyone should know who’s boss!

  • Use alcohol: Obviously, you’ll be serving alcohol at your bar, so it’s not a bad idea to use the name of alcohol in your bar name. Some cities might have restrictions on such, so be sure to check. Otherwise, using alcohol in your name will let everyone know what kind of business you’re running!

  • Use puns: Puns are catchy, clever, and fun! Anything that helps customers to remember your name is a good move when it comes to naming any business, especially a bar.

  • Use location: Using the street, city, or even general location such as at a beach can help people to know generally where you are located just at the sound of your name. I hear “cha-ching!”

  • Use humor: A bar is one of the few kinds of businesses that aren’t held to professional standards when it comes to a name. The funny thing is, the more they drink, the funnier the name becomes! I can just see the Facebook status updates now…

With these tips in mind, you should have quite a few ideas brewing in your mind already. Great! Remember that pen and notepad I told you to keep with you, use it! Here’s a few more names to spark some ideas for your bar name:


Bar Names

These are for your typical bars; the ones that serve only alcohol and finger foods. But hey, sometimes a beer and some onion rings are all you need!

Cueball Pub
Tipsy Turvy
Under the Nile
Crazy 8's
Seaman's Pub
The Whiskey Bar
Royal Flush
Tapout Pub
The Golden Marlin
Anchors Away Dockside Pub
Stud Pub
Screwy Louie's
The Burnout Pub
The Keg Connection
The Basement
Hot Taps
The Man Cave
Leatherneck Pub
HotShots Sports Bar

Bar and Grill Names

Have a beer, have a burger! These family-friendly establishments allow those 21 and up to enjoy a frothy brew while enjoying dinner with the kids!

Big Catch Dockside Bar and Grill
Seabound Grill
Sandy Toes Beachside Bar and Grill
Go Team! Sports Bar and Grill
Sticky Fingers Bar and Grill
The A Team Bar and Grill
Papa's Place
The T-Bone Zone
Pig Head Bar and Grill
The Scoreboard Sports Bar and Grill
Crickets Bar and Grill
The End Zone Bar and Grill
Sharkbait Grill
Smokin' Guns Bar and Grill
Mad Max Bar and Grill
Texas Hold 'em Bar and Grill
Frathouse Family Bar and Grill
Freeport Family Grill
Griller's Burger Bar

Irish Pub Names

There’s no bar quite like an Irish pub, whether it's Saint Patrick's Day or not! It’s where the party’s at!

Sheamus' Pub
The Clover
Goosey Lucy's
Clover Girls Pub
Murphy's Law Irish Pub
Mighty Murphy's Pub
O'Malley's Irish Pub
Lucky Pub
Paddy's Pub
O'Reilly's Pub
The Magic Leprechaun
Luck of O'Sullivan's Pub
Luck of the Irish Pub
Pot of Gold Pub
Green Beer All Year Irish Pub
Irish Kelly's Pub
Ireland's Best Pub
Irish Joe's Pub

Survey Says...

With these great names, you can’t go wrong if you decide to use any of them! Thinking of bar names can be a fun process; one that once you’re through, you might end up wanting to open a couple because deciding between good names is tough!

It never hurts to get the input of your friends and family, either; after all, they will be some of your customers, right? Yes, so let them know that their opinions are valued and see if they can help you think of one or a few bar names!


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      MasterDripper 3 years ago

      some really great names it is time to visit of few of these ;)