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Basic Transcription Requirements

Updated on May 9, 2016

What are the Basics Transcription Requirements to Start with?

Are you aspiring to be a transcriptionist? If so, there are basics requirements that you need to have in order to start working as one. As a transcriptionist, it is not just about writing what you have heard but it needs analysis of what you have heard if you have heard it clearly.

In here, you will find the basic transcription requirements in order to start working as a transcriber. Whether at home or not, one can start working as a transcriber with just the basic requirements which are simply simple and easy. Of course, it is not that easy, as I say, because this job needs a lot of analysis and critical thinking, research and resourcefulness. If you are excited to be one, read through the different requirements to be one.

Basic Requirements Needed in Transcription

PHOTO Source: Basics in Transcription

Transcription is putting into writing what you have heard from a recorded audio. Others think this is an easy job but actually it is not. This job also needs a lot of critical thinking for all those heard in the audio file. For non English natives, this could be a hard job but somehow, It is a matter of critical analysis and thinking in order to get the right words. One needs also to be resourceful and find the right words needed for the report.

I have worked as a transcriptionist/transcriber for a while. It is a fulfilling job when on is at home. One can compare since I have also worked in an office. Read my comparison here, home-based versus regular employment.

Transcription has been considered a profession for some time now. In India, a lot have been working as a transcriptionist professionally full time. No wonder most of the transcription jobs are outsourced in this country.

For those who want to work full time at home, this is also a great option to start with. There are basic requirements in transcription that are needed in order to start as one. These, of course, help you in work to be faster and efficient.


Install a software

You will need a program installed in your computer so as to help you work faster with your job. Naturally, these files make you play and stop the audio using a foot pedal or with keys.

For most transcriber at home, the most commonly used software for this is the Express Scribe. This can easily be found in the net and one can easily download and install it and start working right away.

If you would like to start, get it here, Express Scribe site.

PHOTO Source: Express Scribe


Be Ready with an Apparatus

These are gadgets you need to have to start working:
1. Headset for hearing audios, naturally.
2. Foot pedal - so you can play and stop the audio with the use of your feet so as you can capture the words easily and type it with both hands. This help you enable to use both hands for typing without ever having to stop and pause with your hands because you have to stop and play again.

PHOTO Source: Transcription Headset


Books for Transcription

These are required to have references on what you have heard. You need to validate what you have heard especially in the medical and legal fields through these sources. Transcription also have rules to follow as to how the transcribed file will look like.
Examples of Reference books are:

Book of Style - general reference for Transcription
Guidelines books
Medical dictionary
Anatomy books
Legal dictionary

PHOTO Source: Transcription Books

Basic Transcription Requirements, What Can You Add? - Please Leave ME some Comments and Suggestions here. Squidoo Blogger or Not, You can Comment in here.

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