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My Simple Guide on Beating Procrastination

Updated on October 25, 2016

Procrastination is where someone hesitates on doing something that needs to be accomplished, it's a habit that shouldn't be ignored, pay attention to what you are doing, one needs to know when they are procrastinating. It is one of those life-altering habits of an individual that could possibly ruin their career, affect a healthy relationship and in their studies. A procrastinator tries to avoid tasks that are more important or rather difficult ones and instead do the ones that are easier and more rewarding.

People who procrastinate have higher levels of stress and lower levels of well being. John Perry, author of the book The Art of Procrastination declared procrastination as a self-defeating behavior. Experiments held by psychologists showed that procrastinators end up suffering and performing worse than non-procrastinators. For instance, a student might be given a project that is due in 6 months, she might feel like the assignment isn't worth doing immediately, so they try doing something else that they find more enjoyable. Months turns into weeks, weeks become days. They don't realize the value of the task until they get much closer to the deadline. Tasks will either be finished late or won't be at all. Procrastinators will feel a sense of regret, along with anxiety, shame and guilt with their decision to delay.

I've been reading a lot about the subject on how people try to stay motivated in life and being inspired but still end up nowhere. I want to share my guide on beating procrastination and staying productive. this is what I found and worked for me. Let's begin.

Before Doing a Task

⦁ Write atleast 3 tasks on a sheet of paper for the next day. making a to-do list is useful in order to keep track on your progress and as a reminder on what you should be doing.
⦁ Decide on which task should be done first, focus on one task before moving to the next ones
⦁ Before you get started, make sure to manage your time precisely. A very useful technique is the Pomodoro Technique. Basically you'll need to use a timer to breakdown your workload every 25 minutes(1 pomodoro) separated by 5-minute breaks. After doing 4 pomodoros increase the break for up to 15-20 minutes.
⦁ While doing your task it's always good to put on good music to keep the flow going, remove any distractions such as your phone, put it on vibrate and place it on the desk away from your work space.
⦁ When you encounter distractions or you get bored, don't let your mind wander off, take a piece of paper and write those down. Taking those things off your mind helps you focus a lot more on your work.

The key is to get started, people are more inclined to finish what they've already begun. Another technique is to breakdown your tasks. In that way you will be more organized and the work will be as easy as following directions. Let's try Writing an Essay for example, let's try to break it down into simple steps.

Essay Writing

⦁ Define your topic and Idea

⦁ Organize your thoughts, prepare an outline or diagram of your ideas

⦁ Write thesis statement and Identify main Ideas

⦁ Write the Introduction

⦁ Write the Body

⦁ The Conclusion

⦁ Add Finishing Touches

Notice how big the difference is? Simplifying the task into simple steps makes it easy to follow. Sometimes work can be very intimidating compared to breaking it down step by step.

How to Maintain Productivity

⦁ Be Consistent. You have to stay on the same routine every single time. Keep doing it over and over again until it becomes second nature. Practice this until you won't even have to force yourself into doing it. Remove the bad habits of procrastinating, You are your own boss, discipline yourself in staying the path to success.
⦁ Challenge yourself, if you're feeling lazy all day doing nothing and you're about to melt into the couch, challenge yourself to do what matters. Learn how to make a website, learn how to build a startup, Start working out and get that physique you always wanted, start doing something to keep you moving.
⦁ See the big picture. Imagine how you'll feel after the task. Visualize what success looks like, this will truly give you an idea of what your hard work will look like after and realize that it was all worth it.
⦁ Enjoy what you do. If you're an artist, have fun drawing portraits or making illustrations. Doing what you love doesn't need to be a chore, make it a desire to actually do it and have fun. If you feel down, depressed or you just lose interest in things that used to make you happy, make it a goal to do it instead.

That's about it, but all these won't matter unless you start to discipline yourself. Procrastination is a habit, once you change your ways and stay on your productive side you will slowly detach from that procrastinator attitude.

You need to have that motivation to fulfill your goals. Acknowledge yourself for actually taking the time to make the effort and have the courage to do it. Be confident and start chasing your dreams.

Good luck!


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