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Best way to get Relief from Stress? Worry? Disappointment? and Failure? You must Read This!

Updated on June 26, 2013

Human Nature - best life policy

Best Life policy Ever

Sam sitting near tree on river build, he is sad, he is thinking many problems in work environment, labor and friends are not in good understanding. He is thinking, why this is happening on me, what I did, how could I say all the time, you are correct. If I accept then I am right person, All will ready to speak and play with me.

Why they are not interested to accept their mistakes, instead of accept y they are blaming me, y they spreading wrong comments, he is not having good policy and all. Oh God am not interested to keep all the comments into my heart, give me the strength.

God heard sam’s prayer. Sam had a vision, god sent one girl to his life. The girl stepping from heaven and playing on their garden. He heard one word she is your friend, she will take care of you. He wake up from sleep, searched everywhere in home nothing found, she is not there, he slept again.

Next Day morning the same mind with full of stress, he is going to the same place with fear somewhere a dog parking, he ran fast and reached, one girl sitting there in his regular place. He is happy. He had a mind she is the lady from heaven. She smiled, he is not getting permission to explain, he explained all the problems, his worries and sad, she heard all with keen and finally smiled.

Finally he relaxed, all my worries, stress gone. Step ahead, what’s your name? She looked a second and started Crying. Hey don’t cry. Now I am alright, I am relaxed. You don’t cry, yes I know this is very sad, Please stop, he humbled.

After some time she stopped crying. Now tell me, What’s your name … She replied “SI MUYO…… LOYO MURAYO…. KAPARAYO….. PEPRAYO”. Sam shocked a second, this is not my language.

She watched and acted in sign language. “I started walking with my dog. I turned in wrong direction. I have to go”. He understands the sign language and he remembered the dog parking sound. Both they walked some time, they reached the area, Dog happy with her presence, it sounds heavily, She said some words, he couldn't hear anything with dog sound. She said something again he concentrated on her, he understood she is happy and said thanks and she crossed the river happily with her dog.

Now sam realized, and said thanks to god, yes I have to think they are speaking in some other language. I wont concentrate on parking dogs sound, just concentrate on my work. . A very big smile started on his face. Yes this is Best method to get relief, He walked happily. Sun started to spread rays everywhere, this is new beginning of sam life.


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