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Best Low Competitive Niches For Influencers In 2019-20

Updated on June 30, 2019
Rodolfo Vergera profile image

We are Influencer on Demand. We had a dream of creating a space where influencers could be discovered more easily.

Are you a new influencer in the influencer industry and looking for the right and low competitive Niche to pursue. Then you have arrived at the right blog, so stay tuned and get ready to have the right knowledge to go far in the influencer industry.

What is NIche?

What is NIche?
What is NIche?

Let’s slow down and see it for a sec. I keep saying you that the safest method to gain Instagram followers is to choose a valuable niche.

Primarily, a niche is a section or sub-section of a massive market. A part of the pie. A market is automobiles owner, while niches within that involve

  • Alternative fuel vehicle
  • Armored car
  • Battery vehicle (electric car)
  • Police car
  • Solar vehicle

Taxicab and many more. You can also discover when you go further down within every niche also, say, car body style, propulsion system, engine type and many more.

Choosing a niche makes it effortless to spot, market, and deliver. Why pay money and time marketing to cat owners when you have products for dogs. I think now you have understood what is niche. Now let’s go FURTHER,

How to find the right Niche for you?

Is always going to be worked. Services and tips to do it easily? There is capital to make.

Picking a niche can look like that it is one of the hardest choices to make when you’re creating your name as an influencer. Choosing the incorrect or wrong niche can drive you to work in an industry that you really dislike or being fated for cheap partnerships and dealings.

You have to make sure that before jump in any niche, you ask yourself a few questions.

What Am I Fascinated about or interested in?

If you do not like dealing with the people or the subject that matter in your business for widespread amounts of time and on a regular basis, you will not hold the inner energy to push by the hard times and plateaus on your route to success.

Are There People Fascinated or interested In your Niche?

You have to choose a large market size when you are picking your niche. If you select something that is too small, there will not be sufficient sellers and buyer in that niche to promote brand sponsorships.

How many types of niche out there?

How many types of niche out there?
How many types of niche out there?

Entertainment, Health and fitness, and travel influencer profiles have great followers on normal. By the way, no joke the There are more than 1800+ niches is out there. Connect that with the reality that Instagram now blows over one billion plus active monthly users, 500 million plus regular active users, and 31% of people making more than 75K/year are on this platform, and you’ve got a large audience with lots of expendable income looking to use on you, your recommendations, and your products.

Top 7 most profitable Niches for influencer in 2019

Top 7 most profitable Niches for influencer in 2019
Top 7 most profitable Niches for influencer in 2019

Most popular market niches arrive and leave. Joining your cart to the newest craze isn’t undoubtedly a wrong plan, but you never know when it might die. Your safest chance is discovering something fit in what we could call the ‘endless’ markets.

These are the markets, kinds, and niches that are always going to be fresh, successful, popular, and in vogue. Like the tree that gives the name, they never dull or drop their glory.

Now Here Are the endless and most profitable niches:-

1. Beauty

influencer on demand
influencer on demand

Essentially but not only pleasing to women, but the beauty industry also is not going anyplace anytime soon. Certainty, the cosmetics industry is predicted to go up to $865 billion by 2024.

Beauty influencers like Christen Dominique share tutorials, product reviews and so on. Beauty hashtag has over 277 million posts attached to it, and that figure continues to rise. And that is why this is such a visible point, it goes magically with Instagram it means whose fan base in 50.8% female. Many of the best niches involve:

  • Makeup (235 million)
  • Nails (109 million)
  • Skincare (40.3 million)
  • Hair (183 million)
  • hairstyles (20 million)

2. Travel

Answer the three questions first:-

  • Do your mates and relatives ask "Where are you?" more than "How are you?"
  • Do you like searching for new areas of the world?
  • Is it your purpose to be out of your bag while receiving a bunch of money?

If your answer is “YES” then no need to find anything else for your career in the influencer industry.

The phrase "how to become a travel blogger or influencer" was one of the biggest explored phrases in 2018.

The more specific, the greater opportunity you'll have of being out from the ocean of girls carrying their boyfriend's hand in lovely areas of the world.

3. Fitness or health industry

How many moments in a single day comes when do you hear someone talking about health or fitness? Maybe a lot of times. Even those who are in sharp or have a perfect physique wants to maintain their body forever. There’s really such huge market in this niche and it’s not going anywhere.

Now, you could choose some tinier niches within the health niche. Let’s take an example of something like weight-loss, running, yoga, weight training and so on… the thing I’m trying to do is that there is so much in the room for you in here. You can sell products, programs and your courses, even books.

People will continually want to understand the hacks on how to stay fit and how to grow that healthy.

4. Lifestyle and Luxury

The luxury industry provides us a look at the rich life, while the lifestyle industry is rooted in fact the lifestyle industry is a just little bit more profitable than the luxury industry. Although, they’re both amazingly profitable and popular.

And there is nothing incorrect or wrong with experiencing indirectly through famous influencers like Kiersten Rich.

Luxury and lifestyle profiles like:

  • Clothing
  • Homes
  • Pools
  • Buildings
  • Super Cars
  • Super boats/Yachts
  • Watches or Jewelry
  • Travel

Work super great.


Fashion/clothing niche or industry might have more extension with beauty, but it is a heavyweight in its personal preference, with the global fashion and clothes e-commerce industry right now estimated at $481 billion and projected to increase to $714 billion by 2022.

This is a different one for which Instagram looks like a tailor-made platform.

In order to become a successful influencer in the fashion industry or in the niche is to question yourself what makes you different from others.

6. Making money online/ Business

You, me and everyone are continuously in a search of making online and make our financial conditions better.

For that we have a great option like a business, yes business is a vast category on Instagram.

It is also an endless niche. Meaning that it has permanent appeal, people will continually want to make money online.

Hence, accounts concentrated on growing the financial lives of others are excellent for being successful.

7. Relationships

Everyone has a desire to be liked. And it is very natural, supporting people with their relationships in their lives, whether it be:

  • Business
  • Relationships
  • Friends
  • Parenting

So these are some niches for influencers, feel free to share if you like this post.


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    • jessicaagnew profile image

      Jessica Agnew 

      2 months ago from Jacksonville

      Thanks for the information. I needed this.

    • Rodolfo Vergera profile imageAUTHOR

      Rodolfo Vergera 

      7 months ago from USA

      Check out Influencer On Demand in USA


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