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Great Office Chair for Back Pain

Updated on April 4, 2014

How to Find the Best Office Chairs with Back Support for Back Pain

Have you ever had to sit at a desk in an uncomfortable chair for long periods and suffered with back pain as a result? Then you'll know how important it is to sit on a good quality office chair with back support that helps to prevent this problem.

If you are considering purchasing a new chair for your home or commercial office for use in front of a desk, maybe working at a computer for long hours every day, then you will need some advice with finding the best and most comfortable chair at a fair price. This lens has been created to do exactly that.

But why are these the "best" back support office chairs? They're best in their class not only because of their long lifespan, but they provide excellent support for the lower and upper back, have great quality build and give the user a good level of comfort with prolonged usage.

By searching through the many listed home office chairs at Amazon, we have uncovered some highly recommended options that come with lots of positive customer reviews. This translates to a time saving and simple way for you to check through a selection of the best office chairs on sale online that are both affordable and represent good value for money.

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Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair

This ergonomic office chair that incorporates lumbar support and the standard pneumatic seat height adjustment is both comfortable to sit in for long periods and it doesn't make my back ache! Its upholstered in black (what they call) LeatherPlus, which is a light kind of leather but very comfortable. The waterfall seat design importantly eliminates leg fatigue, which is another problem that c an crop up from sitting in a chair for long periods while working.

The lumbar support hits me in the correct zone of my back to prevent aches creeping in after a while, so it's a top class seat just for that simple fact in my book. Essential seating for anyone who works at a desk for any considerable length of time.

Best Back Support Office Chairs on Amazon - What is the best office chair for back pain?

What Is an Office Chair's Most Important Feature?

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What Is an Office Chair's Most Important Feature?

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Best Sitting Posture Tips

When you have to sit in a seat for long periods of time, like many people who work at a desk, it pays to ensure you avoid back pain. The style and design of a desk chair can have a big impact on how you sit and your posture, but there are also some things you can do to minimize the risk of damaging your back.

Sitting position is important and you should always ensure that you are sitting correctly in the seat to begin with. With your back properly supported by the chair back so you can feel the lumbar support in the right position, you should be sitting upright with birth feet flat on the floor in front of you or slightly raised on a low foot platform.

Don't raise the seat too high so your feet can't rest comfortably on a flat surface. This could cause leg fatigue and in some cases increase the risk of thrombosis.

Additionally, make sure you get up and walk around every so often. Ideally this should be every 20 minutes, but we all know that when you're deeply engrossed in writing a long piece you need to keep going while the creativity is flowing from your brain. Just remember to come up for air every once in a while and take a short break to walk around and keep the blood circulating!

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