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Top Best Online Business Schools

Updated on July 18, 2015

Top Business Schools Online

Top 10 Business Schools
Top 10 Business Schools | Source

Online School for Business

Best Online Business Schools? Are you looking to further your studies while still working? Then you are better off taking a business degree. This is the case simply because business courses are highly transferable in the modern day job market. This great article is a continuation of the top best online schools series; keep reading to the end.

If you are already working, a business degree will position you well in the job market and open doors to managerial positions. Universities worldwide are steadily adding online courses to their portfolios to catch up with the ascending demand for online education. As a result, choosing the right business school has become almost like a science because there are a number of things to consider like flexibility and suitability of the course to your needs, entry requirements, tuition, validity of the course and so forth.

Taking an online course is a big decision for most people to make because of the time and monetary demands that are associated with studying. Ideally it is crucial that you make an informed decision based on some form of research before you jump into a decision. This is especially so because once you complete your studies, there will be no difference between one who completed his/her study entirely online or on campus.

You therefore want to go for an online business school that has prestige and solid credentials to give you a helping hand in the current stiff competition in the job market. To assist you in choosing the best online school for business, here below, we have analyzed and compiled a list of what we consider the best online schools for business studies.

Online Business School Rankings

School Name
School accredited by
Indiana University--Bloomington (Kelley)
U.S News and World report in addition to being featured in other major media houses like the Financial Times and Bloomberg Businessweek.
North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)
Arizona State University (Carey) best online school for business
By U.S News and World report, Global Student Entrepreneur and Forbes magazine.
North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)
University of Alabama (Manderson) online business school
U.S News and World report, Forbes magazine for running a high quality MBA program. Not only that, even the Public accounting report ranks the school of accountancy quite highly which indicates that the online business school runs high pedigree programs
North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)

Indiana University--Bloomington (Kelley) Online Business School

Topping our list of best online business schools is the Indiana University-Bloomington (Kelley). The online business school at Kelley has periodically been ranked highly by ranking bodies like U.S News and World report in addition to being featured in other major media houses like the Financial Times and Bloomberg Businessweek.

The Kelley School of business has been in existence for close to 100 years, 94 to be precise. With such solid experience comes “character”. The on line business school which was formed in 1999 has both Masters of Science degrees in business and Masters of Business Administration. The Masters of Science courses are mainly in finance, strategy and supply chain management. One can complete these courses in a span of two years.

The Kelley business school is accredited by the business schools accreditation body founded in 1916 called the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). Most prestigious schools in the world are accredited to this body. The online business school at Kelly is a trend setter that has come up with cutting edge software to improve student engagement and the overall online learning experience. Kelley business school has produced industry movers and shakers like John Chambers, the Cisco executive a company that is worth 1.2 billion dollars.

Kelley is said to have one of the most flexible online business program among the top twenty business schools. The MBA program has close to 60 courses for one to choose from and tailor their degree to fit their respective or projected careers. You can also do a dual degree whereby for instance you can take MBA and integrate it with a dual degree in Finance or strategy.

With a couple of years work experience, solid academic credentials (good GRE score/ GPA OF 2.5 and above), good communication skills and leadership qualities, you can easily secure admission to the online business school and be on your way to getting an MBA from the notable Indiana University- Bloomington (Kelley).

The tuition fees for the business school at Kelley is relatively inexpensive at $1,175 per credit hour compared to most highly ranked business schools. If testimonials by former students are anything to go by, most MBA graduates of Kelley online business school talk of the great gains the program has brought to their careers as indicated by immediate applicability of the business degree to their work, recognition, pay rise, promotions and new career openings. Kelley offers automatic merit based scholarship to the best performing students.

Online Business Schools

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Arizona State University (Carey) Online Business School

According to the U.S News and World report, the Arizona State University online business school ranks among the top thirty best online graduate business schools in the USA. It was also ranked in the second position by the Global Student Entrepreneur awards in the category of most entrepreneurial university in the USA. The Carey online business school has also been featured by the Forbes magazine as one of “America’s Best Online Business Schools”.

The business school is accredited by the esteemed internationally acknowledged North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

Arizona University has one of the highest student enrollments in the country with over 70,000 students in their register. The online business school at Arizona State University provides students the option to customize their courses to areas specific to their areas of specialization. It is also flexible in a way that you can manage to complete the prestigious MBA within two years even while still working full time, doing one course in two months.

You can also combine your MBA to your primary training whether it is Engineering, Medicine or Law, you can combine your online degree at Arizona Carey online Business School for a lot less than it would cost you to take the courses separately. Recent graduates on the Carey online school describe the course as a “game changer” that has opened numerous doors in their careers.

For those federal students keen on applying for university loans, the Arizona business school is the place, all you need is to apply, pass through credit checks and have your tax returns at hand. There is also assistance given to veterans’ in terms of education repayment. Tuition fee is $625/credit hour. Approximated cost of the entire MBA is between 53000-62000 dollars.

The application process is a breeze to complete; you will need a letter of recommendation, answer a short essay question, provide university transcripts or GMAT score and a CV as part of the application process. An application fee of 70 dollars (US citizens) and 90 dollars for international students applies. The online business school offers courses in finance, international business, management of technology and innovation, marketing and supply chain management.

University of Alabama (Manderson) Online School Business

Another one of our best online business school is the University of Alabama Manderson. In this university, one can complete their business degree completely online. They offer online MBA, Masters in Management focusing mainly on global business management. Other courses are managerial accounting, effective quality management, financial management and international marketing.

As part of the application process a good GRE/GMAT score is required. The Masters Business degree is quite flexible and can be completed after completing 30 credit hours. This means you can do only two courses in a semester which is great especially if you are working. With such a schedule one can comfortably complete the Masters course in two years. Admission requirements involve opening an online account and writing an online essay, a statement of purpose, valid GRE/GMAT scores and university transcripts. Applicants are charged $ 250 for each graduate module enrolled in.

Scholarships are awarded to outstanding students. 50% of the top performing students receive one form of scholarship or another. The online graduate business school has been featured by the U.S News and World report.

The University of Alabama graduate school (Manderson) was also featured by the Forbes magazine for running a high quality MBA program. Not only that, even the Public accounting report ranks the school of accountancy quite highly which indicates that the online business school runs high pedigree programs. Indeed Manderson periodically ranks among the top best buys schools in the US due to its high return on investment as evaluated by experts at Forbes.

In addition to the MBA and the courses already mentioned here, Manderson online business school offers entrepreneurship and supply chain management courses. They also have dual degree with foreign languages in the business school. The online business school at Manderson is quite flexible and can most likely accommodate all prospective students regardless of their job commitments.

The beauty of the Manderson business school especially the MBA is that you can pick your courses and tailor them to an area of specialization you fancy. The Manderson has always been accredited by the prestigious AACSB International (The Association to advance collegiate schools of Business) which is widely acclaimed as the yardstick of class throughout the world. The tuition cost per year costs between $ 23950-24768.

MBA Online Schools

MBA Online Schools
MBA Online Schools | Source

University of Florida Hough Graduate Online School of Business

The University of Florida, Warrington Online College of Business Administration is no doubt one of the best business schools in the world.

Its Executive MBA program has consistently been ranked among the very best by respectable bodies like the U.S.News & World Report and reputable media houses like The Economist, Fortune, Financial Times global rankings and The Wall Street Journal. Statistics evaluated by none other than the Financial Times show that graduates of the University of Florida gain a 45% increase in their salary once they finished their graduate studies at the University of Florida Warrington Business School. This is a compelling return on investment, which indicates that one can never have any regrets for taking a graduate course in the University of Florida (Hough) Business School.

The online business school is accredited by the prestigious AACSB International (The Association to advance collegiate schools of Business). Tuition fees estimations are subject to periodic change. The cost per credit hour ranges from $525 (Florida resident) to $1249.29(non-Florida resident). The total cumulative fee per year could be around $ 36029.

University of Connecticut Online Business School

The university of Connecticut online business school rolls out degree programs in business at all levels from specialized certificates, bachelor’s degrees, Master’s and doctorate degree programs. The university features in our best online schools for business because it has solid experience and reputation as a provider of cutting edge online courses.

Most courses are offered in Management, Finance, Accounting, Information Management and Operations. Like most top online business schools, the Connecticut school for business is accredited by the prominent Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) International. The online business school is also highly ranked by not only the U.S News and World report but also the Princeton Review. The University has also been commended for its online education best practices by the United States Distance Learning Association.

The Masters of Science degree which apparently is the most favorite course for most working professionals can be customized to fit specific niches that might be of interest to prospective students. The online course is quite flexible; you can take one course a semester if you are pressed for time. The Masters course can be completed in 30 semester credit hours.

A GMAT score of a minimum 500 and 3.0 GPA is required for admission. You will also need to send in your university transcripts and CV.

Tuition is $2250 per course which is equivalent to $750 per credit hour for both resident and non-resident students. Applicants that were not accounting majors in their undergraduate degree will still be considered for admission but they will have to take extra introductory courses to bring them up to speed with the others.

The program starts in May every year; you therefore need to plan well so as not to miss this once in a year admission window. The program promises high interaction between staff and students and vibrant student engagement.

Stanford University Online Graduate School of Business

The Stanford Graduate School of Business is another top rated business school. Stanford University doesn’t need introduction having produced luminaries like the directors of Google. The online Stanford University graduate business school offers a fast-track Master’s of Science in Management in specific specialist areas especially for those who need to focus on areas specific to certain niches. (Unfortunately this school has no online courses)

Stanford graduate school of business offers degrees ranging from management MBA to a fast-track Master’s of Science in Management for working professionals. It also has a series of certificate programs in specialized areas like international management and public management sector. Stanford also offers dual degrees with other departments like Engineering, medicine and Law and a PhD program in management.

It should not be a surprise that Stanford Business School features in the best business schools. The business school has been in existence since 1925 and a number of faculty members are Nobel Prize winners. This means that if you become a student there, you will be taught by the very best brains in the world. Stanford has close ties with a number of their Alumni like the founder of Nike shoes, Phil Knight, the Google duo, veteran venture entrepreneur, Tim Draper and Scot McNealy the Sun Microsystems founder, to mention but a few. These are very influential people in the industry especially in technology related disciplines that are mostly headquartered in the nearby Silicon Valley.

Top Best Online Business Schools

Top Best Online Business Schools
Top Best Online Business Schools | Source

University of Texas Dallas Professional MBA Online Program

Another one of our best online business school is the highly ranked online MBA program at the University of Texas Dallas. Admission requirements and tuition are basically the same as the traditional on-campus Professional MBA program at UT Dallas. The MBA program can be completed entirely online. The online school employs cutting edge technology that enables high student engagement and interaction. Lecture audios and videos are streamed to enrolled students once they log in to the program. Other forms of engagement like forums, web conferencing, emails and online discussion are used to make the online course quite active.

The complete course comprises of a total of 53 credit hours. The school offers courses in finance, healthcare management, innovation and entrepreneurship, marketing, real estate, strategic management, supply chain management, leadership in organizations and information systems.

The business school also offers scholarships and internship opportunities for those keen to apply. The business school has a solid reputation and was ranked number 15 by the global ranking body U.S New and World Report in their top 100 business school research rankings. According to the financial times, the business school is placed in position 18 for research and productivity.

The online business school is accredited by the industry leading accreditation body AACSB International and the Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs (GAC). The online MBA program costs $46000 taking 2 courses per semester.

Boston University Online Business School

Boston University offers cutting edge online courses in their business school that focuses mainly on business administration. They also offer a Master’s of Science course in Banking and Financial Services Management, business continuity, security and risk management, human resources management, insurance management, international marketing management and project management. The online course can be completed in less than two years. Most online courses can be completed entirely online.

In addition to the audio and video lectures, interactive animations discussion boards and forums are employed to improve student engagement. You are required to complete at least two courses per semester. Although the online course is designed to be flexible, each course has some form of deadline to help you not veer off-course. The U.S News and World Report rank the school on their best online school for business program rankings.

The Boston University online business school is also accredited by the impressive Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) International and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).

Standardized GRE/GMAT scores are not a requirement but having them will strengthen your application. You however need an undergraduate degree as the bare minimum requirement. Students with previous certification in banking and finance are entitled to course waiver. Tuition fees based on four credits per semester is $ 780 per credit hour which comes to a total of $37440 for the course.

IE Business School Online - MBAs Degree Programs

The Financial Time ranks the IE Global MBA School as one of the top schools among business schools in Europe especially in entrepreneurship and learning technologies. The executive MBA at IE is ranked 12th in worldwide ranking by the Financial Times. The school offers MBA+ which entails a proper MBA with additional components in corporate finance, information technology, marketing and sales, tourism management, sports management and digital marketing.

Classes at IE are also available in Spanish to cater for Spanish speakers. The business school scores highly when analyzed in terms of student return on investment. Many students indicate that their MBA from IE has greatly increased their career prospects and opportunities.

The school offers scholarships on merits and also assists with internship placement. The MBA course focuses mainly on finance, management and marketing. The business school is accredited by the association of MBAs that ensures standards for all MBA’s in the world. You need a GRE/GMAT score or sit for IE Graduate Admission Test. Tuition ranges from 43000-44000 Euros.

Fox Online Business School MBA Program

Fox school at Temple University is our tenth best online business school. This online study course is loaded with solid credentials. It has continually been ranked among the top online business schools in the USA by credible sources like the U.S News and World report which placed them among the top ten best online schools in the country. It has also featured in the Forbes magazine and the Princeton review for its high impact MBA program.

The school is accredited by the reputable AACSB. It has been ranked highly for providing business courses for Veterans and for providing courses that are highly desirable in the health sector management.

Students can pick from a wide range of courses and effectively match the Masters to fit a niche they will want to work in. The master’s course focuses in areas like managerial accounting, product/project management, entrepreneurship, advanced healthcare economics, financial management of healthcare organizations, health systems organizations and development, management of healthcare organizations and enterprise consulting.

The online school runs weekly online conference sessions in which students are grouped in virtual tutorial sessions to tackle challenging issues applicable to contemporary businesses. These sessions in addition to the high impact HD lecture videos greatly enhance student interaction and engagement.

The Tuition fee is $1296 per credit hour which caters for all coursework material and books, HD webcam and headset in addition to special events/program activities. The complete masters comprises of 48 credit hours.

Merit Scholarships worth $3000 are offered basing on work experience, prior academic achievement, professional qualifications and GMAT score if you do not qualify for the GMAT waiver.

Other ways of saving some money is by tapping into the corporate partners program whereby two students working in the same company incase enroll for online business; they will be given 4% ($2488) tuition waiver. The percentage goes high (6% ($3732) for 3 students and for 5+ students 10% ($6220) if more students from the organization enroll for a master’s business study online.

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Online Business Schools Rankings

In our assess, most of the schools we have analyzed above fit the bill of the top online school for business. However Indiana University Bloomington (Kelley) takes the crown due to its relative affordability, consistent high ranking performance and flexibility it offers its students.

Top 10 Business Schools

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