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Organize your Desk with an Executive Desk Set

Updated on December 28, 2014

Get Organized! Office Executive Desk Sets Will Help

An Executive Desk Set is useful for so many reasons: to keep your expensive desk free from scratches, scrapes and water marks; to keep your desk more organized; to keep all those items you use daily at your fingertips; and they look great on your desktop too.

I've always liked the look of executive desk sets and how they help me organize my desktop. Desk sets make great gifts for people like me, anyone that works from home and maybe your sister, brother, best friend or boss, coworker! If you've invested in a quality desk or maybe an antique heirloom desk you'll want to make sure the surface doesn't get damaged by drink rings or even writing directly on it - executive desk sets protect your fine furniture.

Here you'll find the Best Value Executive Desk Sets we could find and each one is well made and includes the essential pieces to organize your work space. Whether you want desk sets for less than $40, under $100, under $300 or more, you'll find a nice selection here. Buy an Executive Desk Set for yourself or as a gift today for a more organized and functional office work space. Don't miss the video for desk organizing ideas and using your desk set.

(image of All in One Executive Desk Set courtesy of amazon and featured below)

Executive Desk Sets Under $100

Executive Desk Sets for Home or Office - All for Less than $70

It doesn't have to cost a lot to get your office desk organized and looking professional. Plus, it's easy to get everything at an easy reach so you'll use it more often and won't re-purchase items you already have.

These are the best value desk sets for under $70 in leather, mesh (under $25) or oak wood and would make a thoughtful gift to help yourself or someone else to get organized too!

All In One Desk Set - 8Piece Set with Clock

Majestic Goods Office Supply Leather Desk Set, Black (W934)
Majestic Goods Office Supply Leather Desk Set, Black (W934)

Using your phone at work still means you need to write, need paper, open mail and you might want a full desk calendar. Get your desk organized with this stylish all in one desk set at a great price gift for him or her!

Majestic Goods Office Supply Dark Mahogany Oak with Black Eco-Friendly Leather Finish (W925)
Majestic Goods Office Supply Dark Mahogany Oak with Black Eco-Friendly Leather Finish (W925)

Great complete desk set to protect your fine furniture that includes a pen holder and paper/mail holder, pen and pencil set that you won't misplace and even a clock.


For Men or Women Executive Desk Set - Genuine Black Leather and Burgundy Executive Desk Set

The black and burgundy color combination of this set makes it a rich look on your office desk that will make work a little bit more enjoyable.

When you need to tidy up the desk in a hurry, slice paperwork underneath the large desk protector/writing area.

More ways to organize your office and keep a clutter free desk

Majestic Wood Rich Brown Executive Desk Set - Everything you need to organize the desktop for around $80 for this sharp executive desk set!

If you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a desk set, check out this option which fits the bill nicely.

Majestic Goods Office Supply Leather Desk Set, Brown (W940)
Majestic Goods Office Supply Leather Desk Set, Brown (W940)

8 pieces to get your desk area clutter free, organized and pulled together at a price you'll love. For the home office or an elegant and professional desk at a work place. Nice mens or ladies office gift too!


Executive Desk Sets Under $300

Dark Brown Leather Executive Office Desk Set - Do you meet clients and customers in your office? You'll love the professional and organizational feel of these

Dacasso Dark Brown Bonded Leather Desk Set, 8-Piece
Dacasso Dark Brown Bonded Leather Desk Set, 8-Piece

Sharp, elegant, beautiful and professional organization at your fingertips.


For the upwardly mobile professional that just got that amazing job promotion - you. Or, wouldn't your boss just love a desk set with all the essentials for an organized desk. Go in with a few co-workers for this great gift for a deserving boss.

Glass Executive Desk Set and Organizer - Glass Desk Organizers have rubberized feet and look great on any style of home or office desk

Using a desk set on top of your desk will free up piles of paperwork, pens and supplies scattered that you can't find quickly, gives you a fast post it note or memo to take a message and more so you work more efficiently. Try one if you've never splurged on your own office and get more tips below for an organized work space.

Get ideas for your office desk and desk sets

Share which Executive Desk Set is Your Favorite!

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