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Video Editing Software For Beginners - Creating Amazing Online Content

Updated on September 19, 2014

Are You Searching For High Quality Video Editing Software For Beginners?

There are a number of options for anyone searching for the best video editing software for beginners that are both inexpensive and very easy to use. With the many high quality cameras that produce amazing video or photos, it becomes more critical that you get familiar with quality editing software. People are creating their own businesses, recording their life, or documenting their hobbies by utilizing this technology to its fullest extent. Starting out with a beginner version will help you save money while learning the fundamentals of how to perform basic functions before you move on to the more advanced techniques of software editing.

Quickly locate top selling video editing software on Amazon

A couple of basics before we begin. Some of the must haves for any starter video editing software is that it must have a simple to use interface that anyone can pick up and use without having to spend an eternity in the user manual. It should also support multiple file formats and have plenty of options for editing tools. Below is a detailed review of ones that have all the basics and are best sellers:

Top Rated Video Editing Software for Beginners on Amazon

Getting up and running quickly is the key to starter video editing software. While these don't have every editing feature that professional versions do, these are more than adequate to get you started. Once you learn the fundamentals and start having some success with video publishing, you could then move to more professional software.

Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD
Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD
5 stars for Movie Studio HD by Sony

Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD


Easily share the high-definition (HD) videos you produce on iPhone, iPad, the internet and other places as well with this powerful and creative software. It is ideal for beginners because of the simple to learn interface and their excellent tutorials. After you are done producing amazing videos for everyone to see, you also have the option to burn it to DVD or Blu-ray disc. This video editing software has a massive 360 different music soundtracks to choose from that you can include in your film.

Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD

Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD has sound mixing tools to create incredible 5.1 soundtracks. This software allows you to assign different audio effects at various levels throughout the clips. It also has a feature that gives editors control over different 2D and 3D video, something that is becoming more popular as 3DTVs gain traction as the preferred display for realistic pictures.

Overall, this is a product that gets great reviews not only on Amazon but also among well known Youtube video creators for being the go to resource for PC users.

Cyberlink PowerDIrector 11 Ultimate Editor
Cyberlink PowerDIrector 11 Ultimate Editor

PowerDirector 11 Ultimate by CyberLink

Quick Video Capture Rendering

The PowerDirector Software is considered one of the fastest video editing software on the market. The TrueVelocity 2 technology allows for a major increase in rendering speed over other competitors. This software is considered top of the the line, near what pro video editors would use. That just means that it is capable of handling the most simple to more advanced projects.

The PowerDirector11 comes with a great online community to learn and share tips and tricks to make the best videos possible. Also included in the community portal is over 200k customized effects and templates.

PowerDirector 11 software is compatible with Windows 8 and can convert videos/photos from 2D to 3D. You can also burn the DVDs in a variety of formats including Blu-Ray, AVCHD and DVD. Overall, it is a very affordable professional level software that you can use to create some really amazing videos or photos.

Here is a look at a screenshot inside the Cyberlink PowerDirector Ultimate video editing software. Simple user interface makes navigation and learning a simple process.

Cyberlink PowerDirector 11 Ultimate Edition

Cyberlink PowerDirector 11 Ultimate Inside Look
Cyberlink PowerDirector 11 Ultimate Inside Look
Corel VideoStudio Pro X5 Ultimate
Corel VideoStudio Pro X5 Ultimate

Corel VideoStudio Pro X5

For Easy, Out Of the Box, Video Editing

Creating high quality movies in either 2D or 3D just became a lot easier with Coral VideoStudio Pro. This software has a simple to use interface that makes video editing a quick and easy process. It comes with the option to include a ton of effect overlays using the NewBlueFX.

Did you also know that the Pro X5 can take a video screen cast and essentially help you record whatever you are showing on your screen. This is really helpful if you put videos on Youtube.

This video editor comes with the DV-to-DVD Wizard which essentially allows users to directly connect their digital video camcorder, add a a quick and easy theme, and then burn it to DVD to share it with others. It also comes with the ability to edit out shaky or unstable video to make it look more professional.

Magix Movie Edit Pro MX Software
Magix Movie Edit Pro MX Software

Magix Movie Edit Pro MX

The Complete Movie Editing Solution

After transferring your recorded content to your computer, the Magix Edit Pro MX takes all the hard work out of getting great looking videos out for the world (or your family/friends) to see. The built in tutorials help any user level easily navigate all the functions of the software. Like the other software reviewed here, you can burn to multiple formats including Blu-Ray, AVCHD and DVD. There is the ability to use the editing wizard if you want the quick almost hands-free video editing solution.

The Magix Movie Edit Pro has revised this software over the previous versions to make a lighter and faster running tool for editing your videos. They make it easy for you to export the finished product to a variety of sources including disc, back to the camera, Youtube, Facebook or the companies online album.

With all the effects templates available, the simple navigation, and fast processing speed, Magix makes a great affordable solution to video editing.

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      @julieannbrady: That would be a great area to look at for career paths. The cost to enter is getting more and more affordable as software gets cheaper but the functionality improves, allowing you to do more incredible effects and editing. Some areas I found recently when looking for careers in video editing is to provide services for people such as filming weddings, birthday parties, company events, etc. It is a great way to get some good experience and customers.

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