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Better Business Bureau

Updated on December 21, 2016


This lens is about exposing businesses that are fraudulent and prey on unsuspecting customers. The power of the web has created a new opportunity to deal with these scam artists. I am coining a new term called "denial marketing". That is providing information that are relevant to customers or potential customers to prevent them from being scammed. At the same time, deny business to these "companies" and in the process help the rest of the businesses succeed.

- Mar. 2007

Background Information

Over the years I have encounter quite a few businesses that are not just customer unfriendly but down right frauds and arrogant at that. Their attitude is "tough luck" and there is very little you can do. I have taken on quite a few of them and have won. This lens is not about how to deal with these companies. There are plenty of outlets to help such as the local BBB. This lens is about spot lighting specific businesses that are proven to be frauds. We will use the power of the web to shut them down and at least correct their misbehaviors.

I coined the term "denial marketing" copying from Seth Godin's "permission marketing" terminology. Next time someone search on a given product, the goal is to have both the legitimate businesses pop up along side with the warning pop up about companies to avoid.

If there is value for companies to make it to the best of breed listing then my contention is that there will also be value for NOT making it on this listing.

Criteria to be on this list

Here are the 3 simple criteria to make it on this list.

  1. A business that exhibit a pattern of abuse of customers. Not just due to a mis-understanding or a fluke.
  2. There is willful intent on the part of the business owner or employees to comit fraud or a scam.
  3. The business fail to address grievances brought by their customer and refuse to respond in good faith.

A way out...

There is also a simple way to be removed from this list.

  1. Issue a full apology to the customer.
  2. Make a promise not to repeat the offense.
  3. Settle all outstanding claims by their customers.

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