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Online Jobs are better than Real Jobs

Updated on October 3, 2012
image courtesy from a friend
image courtesy from a friend

Recession is a problem to many people who have been jobless since it started. You have been doing all the best you can to get a job in the real world like attending many job fairs, interviews and training, but still you can't get any job.

And now your worried and wondering what is the problem why you can't get a job when, in fact, you have a degree or have previous working experiences. You might start asking yourself if you're born unlucky or your effort is not enough. Well, maybe you haven’t tried to look further or deeper. Nowadays, jobs that can beat recession are jobs on call centers and online jobs, but if I were to choose which one is better, I choose internet jobs. Here are the following facts that I can say virtual jobs are far superior than any other jobs.


What can be more comfortable than working in your home? You don’t need to buy expensive make ups, clothes or tailored uniforms to wear just to look presentable to your work area. If you're a mother, and you're caught up working and taking care of your children this job is for you.


One of the uneasy things while working is when your bosses are always at your side watching every little thing that you do, and if he or she sees something wrong he or she will comment or criticize your work. Working online is like working at your own pace without worrying if someone is at your back watching every move you do.


The big catch working online is that you can work more hours and earn substantial. If your employer belongs to countries that the currency is bigger in value than where you reside, then you earn more than the jobs offered locally in your country.


As the year goes by, the internet has been a part of every household. Most of the jobs online are paid through different pay sites and to name the few are PayPal, Alert pay and Xoom.

If you're still jobless, why not give a try to work as virtual assistant, data entry specialist, tutor and any other jobs that the cyber world can offer.

Which job offers good income?

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    • profile image

      Suzanne Alexander 

      8 years ago


      I think you are trying to make some good points & share some great info; however, because of the grammar problems, it is a bit difficult to understand. Do you have someone who can help you edit? If not, I'd be interested in collaborating. I occasionally make some minor mistakes with punctuation (which only Grammar/English teachers are likely to notice) but otherwise am quite good.

      If you are interested, please send a FB Friends Request to Suzanne Alexander or eMail me asap at & we can discuss the details of a potential collaboration.

      I myself am looking for ways to make money online because I am physically disabled and unable to work a conventional job or currently even to run my own (former) business - the latter for at least 1 year as I wb having surgery this year (2010) sometime.

      Whatever you decide, keep on keeping on. In time you will get better and better because as they say, "Practice makes perfect" (or at least better & better). I'm just offering to help accelerate the process. (Perhaps American English isn't your 1st language?).

      Also, I'd like further detailed info on your tips!

      Suzanne Alexander

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      thanks too krizkins

    • krizkins profile image


      8 years ago from Davao City, Philippines

      Yeah, Online job is truly an interesting job. No tax, less efforts to fix ourselves everyday when going to traditional offices. It's even more enjoyable and it is really the genuine job. But this is only for those who have the hearts for work, meaning hardworking and responsible, no need of supervision.

      Thanks Dwarfstar


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