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Biometric Time Clock - Where to Find Biometric Time Clocks and Fingerprint Time Clocks

Updated on August 31, 2011

Biometric Time Clocks - Fingerprint Time Clocks

Biometric time clocks are time clocks that scan an employee's fingerprint, hand print or even uses a retina scan to clock the employees hours in and out of work.

They are becoming more popular with employers for a few different reasons.

Many of these biometric time clocks come with complementing software that will tally all hours and save this information in their systems for more accurate payroll records. They are easy to use, convenient, accurate, stable and user-friendly.

In many cases they also help to cut down on fraud by preventing employees from clocking other employees in or out.

Another important benefit of Biometric time clocks is the security they provide. These clocks are being majorly implemented in high profile companies, banks, government institutions, and other workplaces that require a lot of security and confidentiality.

While these clocks used to be very expensive and could only be afforded by the biggest of companies, they have now come down in price so drastically that just about any business can make use of these clocks regardless of the company's size.

There are even smaller portable biometric time clocks that can be used on the go at places such as training centers, trade shows and construction sites.

Read on to find out more about the biometric time clocks available for purchase, the benefits of each one and which one would be the best fit for your company or business.

Fingertec Attendance Fingerprint Terminal - Totally Portable

This Biometric Time Clock is the latest time attendance machine from FingerTec®.

It works like a mobile gadget and is a desktop standalone fingerprint reader that does not require installation.

This is the perfect fingertip time clock for tasks that require attendance on the go such as training centers, tuition centers, construction sites, etc.

Just think of the check-in time that would be saved in training seminars as employees just swipe their finger!

It has an internal battery that can last up to 5 hours of normal usage,

This model can also be used in the offices of smaller and medium sized companies.

Employees check in and out using this system and by the end of the day, all you need to do is to plug the USB cable into your PC and download the data into the powerful software that is included for attendance reports.

It can hold up to 500 fingerprint templates and 30000 transactions per terminal.

This biometric system is also available at an incredible price.

Pyramid TimeTrax Bio Fingerprint Time Clock Timeclock

Here is another great biometric time clock perfect for smaller to medium sized busineses.

This clock can hold the records of up to 75 employees and stores at least 6000 punches.

With it's plug and play simplicity you can simply point and click for payroll editing.

It can keep records for weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly, daily & weekly overtime and/or flexible rounding rules.

You will need not need a constant connection to a PC and there is a battery backup & automatic data backup.

This system can provide detailed reports and is password protected (with up to 3 levels of user rights). Exports include Quickbooks, Paychex, ADP, Excel & more!

Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock Attendance System Recorder and Door Access Control

This Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock had the added benefit of Door Access Control.

An easy way to ensure only approved employees can entire a secure area. This is also beneficial to offices that need to keep doors locked but have a problem with employees losing keys or access cards.

It will support all types of 12V DC Electric Locks and has backup password access as well.

This is great for larger companies because it can hold up to 500 fingerprints and has a capacity of 30,000 transactions.

Icon TimeVue Biometric Hand Scanner Time Clock

This item is a biometric hand scanner. This can be used for smaller, medium or larger sized companies because it can hold up to 50 employees handprints but can be upgraded to as many as 500 prints. (Upgrades do not require additional software installation.)

It can exports payroll hours to ADP, Paychex, Excel and QuickBooks.

Very Easy to install and set up. It will print time cards, department reports, tardy reports and more!

An extra benefit to this biometric time clock is its ability to allow up to 99 different departments that might each have it's own particular rules about:  In-Punch Zone Rounding, Out Punch Zone Rounding, automatic lunch deduction and other specifications.

Time Masters Facial Recognition Attendance System

This last biometric time clock is a Time Masters Facial Recognition Attendance System.

Perfect for hygienic environments or construction areas where fingerprints or handprints might not be convenient.

It is a complete time and attendance system.

This time clock instantly identifies employees using Facial Recognition so touching a pad isn't required - yet still eliminates employees punching in for other employees.

Employees need only to look at the clock and within a few seconds they are identified and clocked in for work.

This system includes Time Masters AMG Time and Attendance Software.

It can generation more than 30 kinds of reports, HR management functions, scheduling, direct export to popular payroll programs, and more!


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