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Black Hat SEO Tricks PPC Pay Per Click Techniques

Updated on February 17, 2013

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sneaky Ways to Use Pay Per Click

Yet another part in this awesome BLACK HAT SEO series.

Put your ninja mask on and get ready to learn how the stealthy operate! Is your COMPETITOR stealing YOUR INCOME...LITERALLY? How do Pay Per Click Ads REALLY work? Check this article out!


Black Hat Techniques are illegal techniques used to fool search engines, achieve high rankings and drive traffic to (mostly bogus) sites with the intention of making money from Adsense and other affiliate programs.

PPC (Pay Per Click) is another region in which Black Hat techniques become common practice – yet should be avoided. Those who are running PPC campaigns want the competitive edge, and turn to free (illegal) black hat techniques to get the leg up on their competition. On the other side of the coin, those who are getting paid from PPC want to make the most of it as well and increase their earnings. So here’s the top dirty PPC Black Hat tricks –


Run a Competitor Ad - This one is about as dirty as it gets! This black hat trick is used so commonly too. Have you ever clicked a banner or link and went to something totally different? Like maybe you clicked a link for "Make Money Online" and you ended up on a porn site with as a pair of sexy Double-D's asking you to type your credit card info....

This is a direct result of Copying Competitor Ads. What happens is; the person with the site copies a competitor advertisement like literally copies it - same title, ad copy and even display link. They then run their links through it. The reason for this is simple - First, you can wipe your competitor from the paid search ranking and second, Google only allows one advertisement from each advertiser. So by doing this you are gaining ads.

Great BLACK HAT for Cheap!


Many of the Black Hat Competitor Ad Copiers even go a step further. Since they realize that the person who clicked the “Boutiques in Michigan” link is expecting to go to, the sneaky PPC competitor will throw a brief mention of POSH by Tori into their landing page and even ad writeup!!!. That way the visitor isn’t suspicious and just continues about their surfing…or pays the double d’s with his credit card.


Same Search Term Black Hat Tricks. Having the same search term is a big no-no for search engines. Only one search term per company. This eliminates a single company from "spamming" a single term. BUT with Black Hat Search Term techniques you can cheat the system.

Since you're limited to one term per company, the black hatters will create multiple "shell" companies. It's a very simple process. All you need is an address and a unique bank account number or credit card number or prepaid visa card number.... get the drift?

So you go to the corner store and buy a few pre paid visa cards for $50. You then use these "unique" credit card numbers with phony names and addresses to create shell companies and steal multiple duplicate keywords.

The next step is to flood the search results for your competitors' non-trademarked brand terms so they don't have a single brand name PPC listing.

It will only be a matter of time before you have conquered your niche


AKA: Non Compliant Ads Black Hat Technique

Non Compliant Ads Black Hat Technique. This goes right along with both of the above mentioned tricks. Non Compliant advertisements are the ads that don’t follow the PPC rules. By publishing a non compliant advertisement you can boost traffic and sales literally overnight.

See, with sites like Ad-Words, changes that are made to published advertisements go “live” instantly. Although there are humans hired to moderate ads, not all “errors” are caught. And those that are caught are only found after a large enough amount of time has passed to make money.

For example, if you publish your advertisement to initially say “Shop POSH by Tori BOUTIQUE”, after it is live you can now change it to “(Your Site, or whatever you want to make $$$$$ from)”. You’re now going to drive a ton of traffic to your site that never would have gone there before.


You need to be careful when using these kinds of techniques. I never encourage cheating and only share this information with you to be used for informational purposes.

By breaking the rules with PPC you can end up losing more than just Google Standings – you can also face a Trademark Infringement lawsuit.

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