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Boost Your Small Business With Logo Printed Items

Updated on August 16, 2014
Time For Your Small Business To Take Off !
Time For Your Small Business To Take Off ! | Source

You own a retail store or conduct a small home based business that needs a little boosting, and you want its sales to improve and income to reach sky-high.

Then all you need is to grow your small business at rocket speed by simply giving logo printed items to your customers as gifts. It's an offline marketing idea used by big companies but small businesses usually consider it ineffective. Don't make this mistake. Gift is always appreciated and does make a huge impact overall. I have a list for you. So check it out:

Multipurpose Knife (Swiss Knife)
Multipurpose Knife (Swiss Knife) | Source
USB Flash Drive
USB Flash Drive | Source
Logo Printed Coffee Mug
Logo Printed Coffee Mug | Source
Pen with logo
Pen with logo | Source

Interesting Items To Start With

Here are some of the things you can print your business logos on(or just the name you work with):

  • Multipurpose Knife(also known as Swiss Knife)

Expensive, yes; but who said to give it for free? Just set a limit of purchase. Whoever buys that much will be given a knife. Give it to your regular clients to win their trust.

  • USB Flash Drive

Still a big need of today. On different occasions we want a flash drive really badly to get a data only to realize we have lost the one we had! So give this yet another expensive item to a more promising client.

  • Coffee Mug

Not a technical item but comes more in use compared to the previous ones. Totally worth it.

  • Pen

Inexpensive when bought in bulk. An item with money back guarantee! To tap the sea of potential customers printed-pen is the best weapon. Have a good quality plastic pen printed in good numbers; contact the newspaper hawker of your area; pay him a little and have those beautiful pens with your logo delivered to the whole town with a morning paper.

  • Key chain

Quite affordable. No need of a huge amount. You can do exactly the same with key chains as with pens. For a person having a vehicle key chain gift must be a treat!

  • ....

Just add as many printable items to your list as you want. Only make sure they are attractive.

Business Key Chain Is Cool!
Business Key Chain Is Cool! | Source

Why So Effective?

It's not true to say only big companies can afford such expensive luxuries. Printed items are not really expensive and getting them is not hard either. Therefore, any self-employed can have it.

Still, expending even a little on gifts seems illogical having your sales on your mind that are too low to let you afford such a purchase. But power of marketing is worth taking risk for, even in a tightening economy, as risk has always been the key to business success throughout human history. So use your savings, take a calculated risk and see the difference.

The Logic

The logic is simple. A person uses your given item. He'll definitely see your logo and that will remind him who you are, where are you located and probably what services do you provide. More the people in your town with this knowledge more the chances of their coming to you(again) on some lucky day.

Many shopkeepers and business owners don't bother to learn trivial marketing techniques like this. And they let a good number of potential buyers slip out of their hands day and night; gone forever!

Advertising Slogan

Don't forget to spice up your marketing campaigns by introducing a catchy slogan and making it a part of the logo you print. Usually the printing company offers a primary and a secondary spot on the gift item. The secondary has a smaller font and lesser space which can be used for placing advertising slogan or contact information or both.

Last Words!

Big companies don't bother to slide pamphlets or brochures under the house because they have raised the bar and have "big" marketing strategies instead. But as it's the most inexpensive method of the lot small businesses usually opt for it, despite the fact that many people are annoyed. Therefore, avoid pamphlets and brochures altogether or use them only when you have a really cool deal to offer.


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